State of PvP, old player considering returning


I used to play this game a couple of years ago. Last I played was on a fresh start pvp server , can’t remember the name but think it was Rage, before that Fury all the way.

AoC is still to this Day my favorite game, so I come here asking : is there any pvp going on in the game right now?

Thanks in advance / Hjulstad

The little PvP that’s left is certainly playable once you close a few stat gaps for your Class. It differs among Classes of course. Entry point for some Classes can be better. The more narrow the population gets the more that entry point increases.

Few Crom Minigames, EU Timezone,
Monthly Event in Crom is active all day, don’t expect massive numbers but you will be capable to do the Event Quests
(Hardest part is finding Groups that really fight instead of AFK Alt Farming)

Fury you always got Cannonfodder Daily in each PvP Quest Active Zone (Numbers can be bad in certain timezones) i think it also helps to team up with people who actively PvP.

(Hardest part in Fury is leveling up AA for a New Character on a Basic level other than the Sub Bonus and Time-Train) but then again there is alot of people who have the same problem so you will find better balance then on Crom and thus you wont have a real barrier to enter PvP there unless you don’t have the Sub Bonus AAs. (Tanks for example will struggle without that)

Fury is better in every way for PvP but it comes at the cost of being on an empty server so you have to treat AoC more like a Survival Game where the only Multiplayer experience is the little PvP you might get and no PvE going on.

Crom isn’t exactly feeling as it used to. I would dare say that aside from the Occasional Raid everything else is just Queue/ Wait and boring Grinding. Sometime you have to wait over an Hour for a Minigame to pop and the PvP Event feels like waiting for the World Boss with little to no action. And the Entry Barrier is as huge as the gap of Fresh lvl 80 to Endgame players.

Hey thanks for the reply!

I have all classes maxed, and pvp lvl 8 or 9 with almost maxed on a couple of the characters .

Is it easy to find what zone currently has the pvp quest active?

Do you (or anyone else) have any estimation of how many people are active in pvp in EU prime time on both servers ?

I care 0 about pve, but I love and miss the hell out of AoC pvp :grin:

I still hope and wish for a sequel to this game (I know it’s impossible) cause no other game has given me the feeling in pvp, the combat system is just the best I ever experienced tbh

What does this mean exactly?

If you’re looking for PVP you’ve come to the wrong game. PVP in age of Conan is dead.
Only the PVE for theeee!! In AOCeeeeee!

I’ll show myself out…

They just stand there looking pretty in their groups and take the event quests. When the quest requires to do some kills they bring an alt. Or capture the objective without opposition. So either you get to the group and play along and AFK with them or no PvP event quests for you. Annoying really.

That’s good. EU Prime time you might get a few minigames going on but its almost 300max people on Crom at best and very few do PvP at all.
There are solutions for the Event and the AFKing. Make a group of friends with prepped characters go in and start attacking everyone. Alot will leave. :stuck_out_tongue:

Siege Rhino going Amok against everyone would be also very fun.
I can’t remember the name of the following guy but its one of the most funny things you may encounter if he still plays. Conqueror and he always has Lumbering Hulk active. If you are Ranged class enjoy it. He will still stay like that and chase you with minus movement speed no matter how far you are. Its the funniest thing i ever saw in AoC.
I don’t know why he is doing that to himself maybe some sort of Solidarity Protest for Sea Turtles.

So yes there is some pretty fun stuff going on still.

I just realized my main (barb) is on Crom cause I transfered before I quit due to population :sleepy:

Well I will install the game again and have a look , I miss this game so much.

Thanks for all the info :heart:

I feel for you m8. I certainly hope they will allow for server transfer soon again.

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