Returning from 2010 - Interested in PvP - Questions and Advice


I played Age of Conan about a year after release and fell in love with the game. It was my first MMO at that time, so I mainly focused on PVE knowing little about PvP. It’s later with SWTOR, GW2 and a bit of WoW that I discovered my love for PvP and I can say that is my first focus in any MMO.

With the whole Conan Exiles, Conan Unconquered momentum I really am drawn back to the Conan universe and want to give a serious shot to Age of Conan again, also because I want to delve back the lore.

I’m not expecting the moon, I know the game is on the decline, I just feel I want a filler in between major updates on another MMO I keep playing (SWTOR, another game that has started it’s own decline).

So I have two major questions to help me make a choice before investing myself seriously in the game again.

  1. Which server should I choose for the most active PvP community ? Crom or Fury ? Meaning, where does battlegrounds proc the most, where does tournaments/duels happen the most, and where does the most world pvp events take place ?

  2. What is the current meta in terms of PvP Classes ?

And I have a few minor questions :

  1. Since I will be starting solo, I tend to like for that classes or hybrid builds, that do dps and have good mobility and/or self heals that allow to mitigate and temporize a fight. What would be your suggestions regarding that ?
  2. I remember I liked a lot the Dark Templar class, and am thinking of trying Dark Templar DPS (with amulet), but i haven’t seen much in videos recently. How do they fare in PvP ?
  3. Is there ranked PvP in Age of Conan ?
  4. Are there arenas or say 2v2, 3v3 content or something similar in relatively small numbers (team based deathmatch driven pvp ?).

Some information on me, if you want to connect.

  • I have now around 7 years of experience in PvP
    -Top 3 World Rank in an Advanced Class in SWTOR and numerous Tier 1 (Top 5%) on different servers. It doesn’t mean that much in my opinion because there is no cross server and the population is small compared to WoW (but big compared to AoC), although I achieved those on several servers including the “famed pvp” one.
  • Guild Wars 2 GM of a guild that was in the Top 1 EU Server in WvW as founders of the major alliance of that server (Vizunah Square) which remained undefeated until the game slowly started loosing momentum.
  • I strafe.
  • I keybind everything.
  • I am a teamplayer at heart. I don’t care about my own ego as long as my tag prevails.
  • I know there is more to the dps ladder that makes a good player. And I’m not speaking about objectives and teamplay. But anticipation, using abilities in unexpected ways, outsmarting your opponent, using terrain at your advantage, understanding that in a team you have your bar of skills + all the one of your team mates and play according to what they do.
  • I know that being first in a dying/dead game does not make you a good player.

There you go thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your answers and any advice. I have a lot to learn if I start again !


For class U can just go with barb.
Hands down one of strongest classes in game, that is pretty much a tank, self(healer), cc machine and a dps at a same time… cant go wrong with it

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The pop on Fury is pretty much gone with those remaining being at max level. There’s been a couple posts here and there from people that have said while leveling up they haven’t seen any other players until they’ve hit their 40’s.

They did have a Pvp Saga (limited server event) a couple months back. While that was going on the server wasn’t too under pop’d, but at the end most seemed to have transferred their characters to Crom and I’ve seen posts where they say the Pvp on Crom is better on the whole than Fury just because it’s easier to find people.

There’s a fighting arena out in the Fields of the Dead, each month there’s a 1 week long Pvp event, the border regions are always open and a couple of the guilds put on ‘themed’? Pvp events.

I think for the best of both worlds Crom would be the way to go. Now there is still a cheating problem Funcom has never addressed so plan on putting up with that.

Fury is a ghost town during North American prime time hours but is a bit more lively during EU prime time hours. Fury has better pvp overall when it is active.

Crom is a pve server. It has a very small focus towards pvp. Fury is the opposite for obvious reasons.

If you are solely looking for pvp and play during EU hours then Fury could be the better choice.

If you desire a mix of pvp and pve and or play during Na hours then Crom is your best bet but again, Crom has a tiny focus towards pvp and very little if any world pvp outside of the 3rd week of every month (pvp festival) and even then its mostly a few guys humping the flag to farm points. Most people on Crom hate confrontation and prefer to be left alone in their safe space.

Also if you play on Crom you’ll be limited to minigames, maybe the occasional siege, and duels in the guild arenas or field of the dead arena. And the one week a month people actually go to the border kingdoms (pvp festival). To be honest it’s kind of depressing from a pvper point of view. I usually have to goad people into pvp to see any action.

If you play on Fury you’ll have access to the whole wide world and each day a new pvp enabled zone with incentives to pvp however, On fury you should be prepared to have your backside split in two because like Nebless has said. Everyone is at max level and you wont be.

Also DT is great in pvp these days and a good choice.

I would recommend you check out Fury personally but only if you play during EU hours. Otherwise Crom is your only alternative. And this game isn’t on the decline. It’s declined.


Starting on fury is going to be incredibly hard. You won’t be able to get pve gear and obtaining pvp gear is time consuming when minigames on fury only pop during specific times. I would recommend at least leveling and gearing out on crom. I wish fury had more population and gear/AA meant FAR less in the game. If you choose fury you will be getting booty blasted for months before you can start to compete.

Hey man,

Ignore Fury. Make your character on Crom.
For the class you described a conqueror, dark templar, bear shaman or barbarian should make you happy. Each one of them is great.

I don’t think there is “current meta”. Every class has it’s strengths.

There is no ranked PvP.
Minigames(most of the PvP), 1v1 arena and the open world the others have described.

Thanks a lot for your repllies guys ! It helps :slight_smile:

I can powerlevel you to 80 on fury or crom and give you non stop pvp.

No one else gets as much pvp.

Down side…99% of the time you’ll probably be losing!

T3 bk and alot of nice players to hang with.

In my opinion we are one of the last pvp guild still enjoying the open world fight

Haha, at start sure ! A bit less after I hope.

Actually maybe I should clarify that I have 4 level 80’s.

  • One conqueror that was my main in T 2.5 I think (Godslayer gear).
  • One guardian in T2 (I think).
  • One Dark Templar in T1/T2 (I think).
  • One level 80 Assassin ??? I have no memories on leveling one. Is it possible there was a level 80 character token at one point as part of a subscription program ?

But I’ve decided to roll a Hox to level up and learn again the mechanics and how to approach the world. So far my biggest issue on my alts is logging in Tarantia and strictly having no idea where to go haha.