Game is dead on Crom too

Wednesday night prime time Crom pvp festival week and its dead… lol RIP aoc

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At this time people of Crom participate in raids mostly, not in pvp


especially since after the saga, Crom is full of people, old players returned, old veterans, new users attracted by the Saga, were years i didnt see so much people online.
The fact that there is few participation in purist/dungeons/raids/PvP except for veterans, is not because there are few people but only because they are all locked up to do RF like the monkeys.
PvP had ever had low priority on Crom respect to Fury.

I had some nice fights vs. house morano in kush yesterday. Hope to see that later again :slight_smile:

This is sad. Anyone got any good recommendations for an alternative mmo? Asking for a friend

Honestly, i never enjoyed much mmorpg, AoC was my first MMORPG who i reached levelcap. If you like pvp i don’t know what to recommend but i played a lot NWN1(is not a mmorpg but have MP) and played a little pvp. But remember, the game follows the DnD 3.0 rules, so don’t expect anything balanced.

Clerics can AOE OHK and bypass death magic immunity using Tier 9 cleric spells like implosion. Monks are insanely faster and can kill pretty quickly with his bare hands. Sorcerers/Wizards can stop the time and spam delayed blast fireball…

Elder Scrolls Online i a good choice.

WoW expansion in like 2 months!

WoW died in Cataclysm, they removed RPG elements on a rpg game. Also, PvP was never a big focus for WoW. Maybe Dark Age of Camelot ,but i never was a big fan of MMORPG genre. Mainly because, well, compare Neverwinter Nights 1 with neverwinter mmo or compare Baldur’s Gate and Icewind dale with DDO or compare Morrowind with ESO. ALL mmorpg removes a lot of cool stuff.

lol) if I were getting 1 gold every time I hear this, I could swim in gold like McDuck)))
It`s summer time, you know. ppl spend time outdoors

C’mon y’all. You know this won’t go anywhere. If you really feel the need to discuss other games to check out, I suggest the #age-of-conan:aoc-offtopic category.