Which server do you recommend?


okey so im completely new to this game. i want to mainly play pvp. though ive read that the pvp server is apparently very underpopulated. so is it worth it, as a pvp player to even play on crom? or is it just mainly pve on there?

As a new player just start on Crom no matter what your goal is. It’s hard to recommend pvp (I’m an old school pvper) because the barrier to entry is absolutely massive in this game in 2023. Skill makes a huge difference, but so does gear and AA.

The pvp is not a great experience on either servers, and it only happens for a few hours every day. I wouldn’t even say that there is more of it on Fury, though it can be true sometimes when some people get riled up and call their friends for some big open world brawls.

Fury can only be fun for pvp veterans at this point (and it has terribly low population, a tiny fraction of what Crom has, and zero pve)


If you like PvP you will not enjoy this game. This is the game where PvP goes to die… Try Chivalry 2 instead! Much more fun I hear, and no painful mmo grindfests… :face_vomiting:

Also, there’s PvP and developers who… develop. :hushed:

I think biglouis gave you a good answer.

If you are subscribing, and are able to do offline AA training, then I would consider leveling a character to lvl 20 on Fury aswell, and start training AA, while you fully develop your Crom character.

That way, if you at any point decide that you want to fully immerse yourself in world PVP, you have a ok prepped character on Fury.

Its not something Ive done myself, but something to consider :slight_smile:

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hmm unfortunate… but ill consider

i want to sub for sure. if pvp isnt dead in this game that is. since thats literally my main goal. but i appreciate the tips regardless. thats definetely something ill consider doing.

You were warned

GroovyDude seems to have expirience and a view regarding PVP, so playing Free 2 Play for a while, getting a feel for the game is advisable.

Im in an active guild (PVE), and enjoy the game for what it is.

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