New Player asking if the Servers are alive

Hey Guys,

I started downloading the Game but noticed that there are some Threads on the internet saying the Game is dead, is that true? and also if there are several servers which one should i consider joining

thx in advance

I’m sure if you research any game you’ll eventually find a thread saying it’s dead. The one’s for AoC have been around for years.

While it’s not as populated as it was in the beginning there’s still a lot of us around and playing.

Now Fury, the Pvp server IS as good as dead with less than a 100 players on it. I made a test character yesterday to see how things looked (West Coast Afternoon) and there were only 4 players on in Tortage (starter area) and around 30 total on line; most of those being lvl 80.

Crom, the PvE server on the other hand is fairly well populated and while most quests can be solo’d you should be able to find others to do some of the more popular group dungeons.

Server choice should be Crom.


thx dude, the game looks really nice and your fast reply gives me hope that i can play it for some time xD




There are also rumours of a brand new PvP Saga Server coming soon (in the next couple of months probably). This would likely be a limited duration fresh start server with extra rewards.

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BTW, will i be able to play this game with high/normal fps ? my Laptop is about 7 Years old and literally garbage xD
Pc specs:
my Graphic card is a Nvidia Geforce GT 635M 2GB

No idea m8, there are lots of graphic options though to tweak the fps

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well) this game is old too so yr pc will be ok. just don’t forget to swich off particles when you go to WB event. it can put down even a uber new pc when +/-50 ppl starting hit boss at same time))))

To be honest, doing any kind of group activity is extremely hard for the last few weeks, even searching for the most popular dungeon often can’t get you a full group (I was waiting probably 6 hours in total without doing anything but waiting for the groups to fill over the last couple days). Not sure if it’s just the summer time but to be honest, if you don’t join a big guild you wont have much of a MMO feeling because the game can feel very dead from time to time, even on Crom.

Really?! Could you please elaborate which dungeons you were searching for? And how long it took you to fill the different dungeons. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do you think its because of raidfinder? :sweat:

Chaos, what other dungeon is run nowdays anyways? I didnt start the groups myself, I joined them and most of them were canceled becuse we couldn’t find enough people.
And yes, raidfinder is obviously one of the reasons why forming groups is a pain in the ■■■ nowdays but that is known since 2 years now.

So you must be playing on a different server or during US time. I never had any problem to form up a group for chaos, khitai HM’s or even old world dungeons. SC takes the least time to form a group among many other dungeons. However, its almost impossible to form a group on Monday because of RF

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I’ve seen the same what Force describes on EU time, groups trying for 30 mins to fill up for chaos and then calling it because you can’t get enough people to join. The usual mona/palace groups seem to have slowed down too. Before the PvP summer event it’s been noticeably more quiet this month, both general chat in global/nph and group activity. I guess/hope it’s just the beautiful summer weather and people being on vacation.

Maybe is August and most are in holidays? I barely login for daily and a pair of minis.
Add this to RaidFinder and situation is clear.

Isn’t there a new WoW expansion out? I figure most people are playing that at the moment. They will be back once they are bored of that game.