Is this game still alive?

I played for a few years when it first came out and came back once in a while. It’s been a few years now so I wonder is it still alive. Last time I logged on they was reduced to 2 servers.

Does any server have an RP community?
I had a lot of veteran points, can I still use them?
Also I got the early access and I got a mammoth and a fairly big bag at start. Does anyone know how to activate it so I can claim it, because I forgot how.

Fury the Pvp server for all practical purposes is dead with just double digits playing and only a handful on at any one time, so I’ll direct all my comments towards Crom the PvE server.

It’s alive. ‘Barely’ I guess would be the nicest way of putting it as it’s pretty much down to just us hardcore types, although new faces show up once in awhile.

Funcom put it on Maintenance mode some years back. So not much is being done with it. We even had to pull teeth to get them to acknowledge the games 15th Anniversary.

I’m sure if you look hard enough there’s still some that RP. I think if you google AoC RP community there’s still a sight up so they can find each other.

Yes any Vet points you earned from back in the day are still of use and there’s a Vet token vendor in each of the big cities. In Khemi he’s against a wall to the left (as you face it) the Auction house there on the docks. I mainly use what few I have to pick up portal locations.

Create a new character; get it to lvl 5. Log out and then back in and it will activate the claims section. You can either type /claim in the chat window or lower right of the inventory panel is a claims button.

The bag you can use right then and there. The mammoth and mammoth riding manual can’t be used til you hit lvl 40.

I’m pretty sure you can relog even at lvl 1 to activate the claims.

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Yes the game crashed at lvl 3, when I logged back in I got the claims up.

It’s alive the same way a coma patient that’s braindead is still alive. It’s on life support.

Ye, but ur still able to do anything u wan’t in the game. So…

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I played it quite many years back and I got itch to try it again.

I remember Galadh :slight_smile:

A bit late here, but, I’ll be real honest with this. Ever since I joined back in with my partner recently, I’ve seen several brand new players. Some returning players. And plenty of other players that roam the tutorial island and hubs. Maybe there’s just a resurgence of people wanting to return, or it’s just a false hope. But it doesn’t feel dead. It’s certainly not as lively as it once was. You will not see 100 people roaming the world. But, I’d be lying if I said that in a few days, I wasn’t able to make a new guild and still be able to start building a city. And I haven’t lacked in the ability to find others to play with.

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