Hi all! old player here

Hello to everyone! just started to play again on Fury pvp… the last time I played was from 2008-2010… This is the mmo I grew up with and gave me lots of fun moments and a great time playing it!

After playing a few hours i’ve seen that the population has decreased by alot on Fury (didn’t try Crom) I just wish Funcom since being acquired by Tencent would show some love to the game that we all love and that so many people personally I think would come back if there was some sort of time/money invested to it, raid finder fix/A little lick of new Graphics to intice new players? other than that the game seems to have fixed alot of issues from launch.

Another thing is that puts people off is how long the game downloads from the Conan page, its just a shame cause if people try to start the game again they will feel not to bother with waiting such a long time for a game that came out 10 years ago.

Other then that thank you Funcom for all the fun memories, this is the game I think about the most cause it gave me so much pleasure to play! hope you give this baby another 2nd chance, from alot of players, if somebody would put some time you’ll win alot of customers cause there’s nothing like this game, even in 2020!

The only thing thats keeping me from becoming premium are these things, the fact that we don’t know if AoC will be getting updated/shut down which i hope it won’t either way.

much love,
Valis lvl80 bear shaman

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Welcome back Valis,

Open world currently is running on fury mostly from 10pm CEST onward using the pvplevelup app (aoc player created software). This app is balancing teams and all players use t1 pvp gear to get balanced matches. If you like pvp it’s worth checking out.

This way you also dont have to worry about the overpowered PvE gear such as rf rings, t6 gear and t5 weapons in PvP that you may have missed in the past years.

Here is a link to the thread: PvP Levelup: Ranked PvP Matchmaking

Thanks! Just resubscribed now! :slight_smile:

That’s great :slight_smile: looking forward to see you on the battlefield :+1::grin:

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