AOC 2020? old player asking*

Hi everyone

I have not been playing AOC since it released, many years ago. So have a few questions.

  1. How is the game right now?
  2. Do the most people play on EU or NA servers?
  3. Do they make new content to the game, or is it slow like Secret world?
  4. Do people still raid in this game?
  1. The same as always - pretty damn good. Population is only a fraction of what it was at release, but lately (last year or so) activity and population actually seems to be slowly increasing.
  2. There are only two servers - both located in the US. Crom (PVE) and Fury (PVP). 95% of the population is on Crom.
  3. Yes. There is some new content, but not much, and definitely not often. Don’t expect anything new, and be happily surprised when something new does get added.
  4. Oh, yes.

I have not played the game for 10 years or so.

Can it really be true, that they only made 1 expansion for this game?

What content did they release since “the god slayer” exp?

They did only make one expansion ‘Rise of the Godslayer’.

The other content they put out was all listed as Adventure Packs. They’ve done ‘The Savage Coast of Turan’ which was a movie tie in to the Jason Momoa Conan movie,

The ‘Secrets of Dragon’s Spine’ was part of the original pre-F2p AoC game that was spun off into an adventure pack. Those that had a sub in the pre-F2p period had the pack gifted to them automatically. But like with many things it was a hit and miss affair with some getting it, some not, but getting it after contacting customer support and others SOL.

And finally the ‘Shadow of Vanaheim’ pack.

The only other items of note under the ‘new content’ concept was 1 special PvE limited time server, 1 special Pvp limited time server.

Plus 2 new modes of play. The first was the ‘Unconquered’ mode where you started a new character on one of the existing servers and saw how high of level you could make it without dying. Getting various badges and vanity gear every so often. And the ‘Onslaught’ mode which is a wave fighting game. Both of those are still active and the dev’s have said they’ll always be in game from now on.


Played on Fury for 3 years, but that’s back in 2011.
Does that mean I’m fricked now as a returning player since 95% are on Crom?
Can I switch if needed?
I don’t want to create a new character when I already have some with 1000 hours invested in them.

Welcome back,

Maybe not; check out this thread about a Fury based Pvp matching app:

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