What new is comming in AoC?

Hey guys, i’ve been long time away from the game, so how it is going now and is worth it to come back to it ? Last thing i heard is that FC stopped to develop the game.

Yup that is right. Apart from Saga server (which is not a new content IMHO) there were no new additions to AoC. We got some bug fixes, new items in store, rewards for subs and soon we will get another Saga server (maybe PvP now).

If you are happy with AoC in the state as it is, come in and join us happy grinders :O)

Raid finder is (re)cycling regular raids (T2-T6) stripped from most mechanics so you get shiny loot for (almost) free. And you can vote-kick slackers/feeders too! :smiley:

Regular raids are also happening but T5/T6 is mostly guild exclusive + some PuG fillers from time to time.

Instances - learn strat for Chaos and you are good to grind for preciouss gems.

Once a month everyone move to a world boss spawn locations and keep killing those poor loot pinatas till the next week.

Still happy with this “content”? Than you will enjoy AoC and wont get bored soon. Come back :slight_smile:

Were you looking for something like small DLCs? Turan-like? Dragons Spine-like? Or even not so big Vanaheim-like? Sorry but we have none!

Do you have T6 gear and want to get better? Sorry but we have nothing more to offer :frowning:

TL;DR: no new content like new maps/gear/NPCs but you can still enjoy what has been given to us since 2008 :wink:

PS: Yes, I am still enjoying AoC but would like to see something fresh (not a new server, but new lands to explore).


Yes, AoC is pretty much on maintenance, but some things do pop up from time to time to keep life interesting.

Still an incredibly fun game, as attested to by how packed the Saga server was when launched. That alone back back vets and introduced new players to the game and when it ended quite a few stayed with the game when they transferred to Crom.

Is it worth it? Really depends on where you left off. If it was after you’d leveled multiple characters to lvl 80 and left cuz there wasn’t anything left to do … than probably not.

But if you dropped the game right after Tortage etc… then sure, plenty to do and alot of the leveling launch problems were fixed so it might be worth another look.

If you haven’t done them; Turan is a good 50-55 zone, Dragonspine is a tough 80+ zone and Khitai is big. One of the nice things those are B2p, the old ‘must buy Godslayer AND have a sub to play in it’ days are gone.

If you are a new player, there’s plenty of content for you to do. A lot of the content will be solo only until you hit 80 due to lower level population issues. As you progress your character at 80, there’s nothing beyond T6 raids other than just playing another alt in T6.

I am not new player. Left due to RL stuff and left 8 lvl 80’s but have only one of them geared up with full khitai gear. Actually havent played 80 % of the pve content (dungeons and raids). In raids have been only in t3, so seems there is something to do :). Thank you for replies. Think can give another go to the game :slight_smile:

Welcome back :smile:
just get to a guild that doing t3.5-t5 raids and you will be busy for month or two)))

Nothing comes new. AOC is dead.

this has come to you new or it’s an old quote that has lasted for 10 years?

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As the game makes no Money, content is not happening.

Played AoC years ago. What a great Conan game! I had a blast playing PvE, leveling 1-80. Perfect blend of beauty and brutality, fantasy and reality. I loved the combat, plowing through those NPCs, lopping heads and limbs. Those fatalities never got old, ha ha! Peeps would commet saying the post Tortage content was lacking, but I never understood that. The music was excellent, I remember loving the music. All the maps were beautifully rendered and full of content. Cities, villages, country towns, port towns, camps, forts, ruins… the game has it all. The art style was more realistic than cartoon. And the animations were smooth and fluid. I liked playing Barbarian with a 2 handed sword. My favorite addition to the game was the vanity tab. You could equip good armor while wearing cloth or going bare chest. Not having to wear the default armor was a huge boon to the PvE game. The game is very true to Howard’s Conan stories. It was the game that introduced me to them. I was playing the game and became curious about the source content. After reading Howard’s stories the game really came alive. I remember traveling through the game world thinking, this is what Hyboria looks like, this is what Howard had in mind! Another time I was in the mountains, knee deep in snow, fighting Snow Giants, when I thought, that is Frazetta’s painting! I wonder if the game artists were inspired by Frank’s painting style. Yea, I got a lot out of this game. My all time favorite MMO. Nothing else I played really comes close.


Agreed Poordevil! :smiley:

I feel the same way @Poordevil!

This! And yet Funcom is throwing away such a jewel among nowadays MMOs :face_with_raised_eyebrow: