Checking in. Any of the old guard left?

Hi there AoC players i used to play AoC a long time ago.
I kinda miss maybe not so much the game but the ppl in the game which that i made many fine memories with.
I lost touch with more or less all of them which in the past i called my second family.

After AoC i have tried many different MMO´s but never had the same feeling of comradery, belonging and joy that the time on AoC did.
I never got into guilds or clans in any game after AoC.
In short i miss my online friends :crazy_face:

anyways im just checking in too see if any of the “old” ppl still around and if you still love the game.
And i hope you all are doing well.

My main Toon was Skydreamer (DT)

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Hello old friend, what a nice surprise seeing you pop in. Theres not many people left, I think whats keeping the last people around is the social aspect like u say. Me myself havent been active since the last PVE-saga but im checking in here and there. I know that knights of avalon is still going at it and there u will find some familiar people. Most eu vets ended up either there or in destiny, i bet they could use a old timer coming back to keep raids going, or just to chill.

But we should do dungeons some evening dude.

Omg Mori u still lurking around :grin: nice to atleast see 1 familiar face.

Any contact with corteez,caud,acheo etc ?

I was thinking of downloading the game and join in for some fun, its hard to find the time though.

My god sky, you still slacking?
I log in from time to time if you wanna do anything fun

Hey ell you know me im the lord of slackers ;p
nice to see you lurking around still aswell :slight_smile:

Ohh so you are still alive Sky :rofl:

Gosh i do hope so :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Sky!

Still around doing some dungeons once in a while or a minigame once in a blue moon.

Let me know if you reinstall and get some of the old people back together to do some dungeons! If the aoc bug catches you again T5 and T6 are worth doing for a bit. Both raids are quite good and have some interesting fights. Most of the people that I know which are still active raid with Knights of Avalon these days. Most other guilds quit or still exist but simply gave up raiding after years.


Don’t think Knights of Avalon is raiding anymore.

Hi Caud :slight_smile:
yeah will try to find some time to get back in fooling around abit
not sure i will be able to even do a singel combo right anymore though hehe

sad to hear that never fun when less and less raids happens in this wonderful game

I am not really involved that much anymore, but KoA have plans to try to get it up and running again. Sent you discord link in PM if you’re interested.

Thnx :slight_smile:

Been here since day one. Spend most of my time in Conan Exiles these days.
I did not even know these forum were here until 2 days ago