Old School Player Poking Around

Hey Guys! Old School Player here looking to see if this game is still active at all. Got Hundred of Hours in the game and a lot of end game toons. Hows the game doing? Everyone always says its bad and dead, but Im wondering if any active orgs out there, raids going on etc? …

JollyGreenG - 220 Enfo
Stabnjabj00 - 220 Shade
Got a 220 Nt and probably a few others im forgetting…

SHOULD I RE SUB?? anyone? Moneys not a issue.

Game is not dead. It does suffer from low pop but it ebbs & flows. Shortly after COVID really hit say April-- TOTW was like “Hey, y’all asked for 2008 well here ya go!” (i.e., line to kill Lien forms to the right, line for Legos forms to the left.) It’s eased up some though now.

There are active orgs in Omni & Clan. Neut not so much BUT I have seen recent start-ups there.

The economy is frapped for endgame gear due to 'sploits years ago. Things that used to be a few million are now a few Hundred million. Still, I’m able to get 50 to 100 mil a week from GMI (used to be GMS) which keeps the alts happy at least. Incidentally a sure sign that AO isn’t dead is Credit/gold spammers. As long as they’re around…

The “Fresh Start” server was a good idea but poorly executed. Its population has gone back to the main server-- that’s where all the players are.

FYI-- The biggest game co in the world, Tencent, bought Funcom earlier this year. Probably due to the fact that FC has the IP rights to Conan & Dune.

I’ll be re-upping my annual sub in Dec.

You have missed BEST player peak* we had since years, but now its FAR from dead - there is a lot players online everytime. So, yes, its WORTH to come back.

  • month ago we had playerbase equal to numbers after merge :smiley:

Alright!! Thats amazing news! I Guess I will re-sub for this coming winter then!!

Game is still quite alive. I am Omni, and Weyland Yutani is our org, one of the biggest the game has ever seen, certainly the largest active on the Omni side.

As far as the Neuts, Pyromanche is still playing and and her org The Union is still very much alive.

Battlestation doesn’t pop much on weeks when the Arbiter is away, but is quite active on weeks when the Arbiter is at his desk, especially for the 220’s. Trying to get BS for 110-150 is harder, but it does happen.

Borealis always has a lot of people near the Grid terminal, (most of them AFK), and ICC is usually full of people at any hour of day or night.

The Market is still very much alive, and there are creds to be made in abundance if you’re willing to do the work and research what’s in demand. The Omni raidbot Yeets is still alive and kicking, (though not specifically associated with WY.) Darknet is often quite busy with people buying and selling and looking for teams, but the rules are strictly enforced and you need to behave.

AO is alive

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It never died. Did get the flu though.