Thinking of returning

Hey Iam itching wether to buy a laptop to make a return it’s been 2 years but can’t find anything close to my first love :joy:……how’s the population holding up and are there many active guilds still left? ….I have 5 lvl 80 on from mix of gear on all toons T6 to T2

Thanks in advance

There are active guilds, we run t6 and t4 each week. Others do that and t5 too. Can’t beat the nostalgia, come have fun

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Safe to say we’ve gotten down to the Hardcore Few that love the game, with an very occasional new face showing up.

With the exception of when the new Raidfinder comes out and World Boss week, it’s safe to say under a 100 per day, with slightly higher numbers during prime EU times. That’s on Crom (PVE), Fury (Pvp) is much worse off.

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I’ve played on and off since 2010 ….and honestly I can’t find a game that compares to AoC Iam on the fence wether I should make a return :thinking:….are there still 6 mans daily ? Iam from the uk so will be playing prime time but would only be able to play 2 times per week just miss the best game I’ve grew up with :joy:

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