Population these days

Hey folks,

what is the population like these days? I know 99% of players are on Crom so I’m referring to that server only. Are there enough people to enjoy content still? Specifically speaking US times.

Is there any way to see actual player numbers ? I think the player base is still split between the OG launcher and the Steam one right ?

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I’d say most play via the Funcom launcher and very few use the Steam method to get in. The Steam AoC forums are a little more active than this one is, but that really doesn’t mean much.

We’re probably looking in the 100 to 200 range on most normal days with it going up during World Boss etc… So while filling a pug to do something might be difficult, the various guilds are running content / raids so either joining one or getting on a good working relationship with one would be the way to go if you’re leaning towards dungeons or raid content.

Stats here - Age of Conan: Unchained - Steam Charts
Not bad for game where Support is not working, you can’t buy sub, get bonuses… Well


Wow what a drop in 2013 lol

100-200 people is really sad.

Are you surprised? Funcom is not interested in game, people, no actions, updates, support does not work.
The shop in the game is absurdly expensive, as well as a subscription. There is nothing to attract players and enjoy game.

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Expensive? I must be playing a different version. :sweat_smile:

Compared to what the cost of the items were at one point, they are indeed inflated.

They would probably sell more if they kept the anniversary discount all the time.

shop’s inventory just sucks. there used to be inventory bags you could either purchase for a single or at a discounted price for multiple chars. different social sets etc.
right now you can buy an overpriced bag for a single char only and you have to buy mutliple rng boxes to get access to social stuff and still can’t preview the set.
the big questions is: who invests money in the shop these days. probably only the guys behind that ominous website which sells t5 equip and a lot of gems for real money :astonished:

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Math doesn’t hold up for that for the terrible drop rate of t5 tokens and shards from boxes. That site is doing something different.

Probably you play another game… Modern games have same sub price in these days. But this game is 13 years old, but sub is like 5 year old game = expansive for game without updates, events, etc etc.
And I’m not talking about ***** prices in the game store.

2 oryks - Yes, their store is the worst in the world. Economy here… OMG
They should lower prices, unlock it for all player characters and start thinking economically, this game is too old for take all our money…

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Ok then. If I think a price is too high in a restaurant, you know what? I go somewhere else. If it’s too high for you, there is the FTP that you can enjoy.

I play nearly everyday, since 2014, if you must know. Enjoy FTP, it’s still good content.

Im sure most people share your view on that since the game is dead

Having same sub price as popular mmorpgs →

  • close to no customer support
  • made up restrictions that you unlock with sub-fee
  • trippling the store-prices from nowhere
  • removing sub-benefits people saved up for years from nowhere
  • keeping a maintenance cost (sub-price) while game is completely ignored

game has been a disrespectful cashcow for years so criticism is justified.


I do agree, yes. there is plenty of room for critism.

I just don’t feel this game is expensive. The simple solution is just don’t sub, in all honesty there really isn’t a huge benefit, imo.

If you do end game raiding, you need to sub to buy the gear pieces as they are 15 gold.

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The game is just completely mismanaged to the point of incompetency.

Like why they haven’t asked for a community based rep to give them insight on the game is beyond me.
Its free and offers so much value.

Instead of throwing resources at a game they have no understanding of in terms of gameplay and community, they can make an educated decision instead.

I feel sorry for @AndyB as he’s the last person I actually think gives a toss but is limited in what he can do.


This is the reason why you look at it in the opposite look than us. Try another game with another sub, other service, support, management, compare prices and you will be surprised how else it works better.
They are killing this game with their indifference.

First- I don’t play AoC that much-

Then when I correct you about my play time- I get
Try another game with another sub,

Why assume I don’t play other subbed games, or that I don’t play AoC enough? You have your opinion, MAYBE YOU ARE RIGHT! But it is an opinion, as is mine.

My opinion is I do not think 8 dollars a month for a year is all that much. I am done arguing over nothing, I just get so tired of people throwing out an opinion, then acting as if it as an absolute fact, simply because you have a couple of people speak in support still does not make a fact, especially for me.

This is the problem with the world, no one will listen constructively, objectively because everyone has to be right, they must be right in order to prove some measure of self-worth. And in doing so, they attack anyone who disagrees with snide and snarky remarks.

Funcom is not perfect, I myself have criticized many facets of the game, including the billing problems that are rampant, lack of customer support, etc. They are indeed damaging the game by this bad customer service. I agree with you on this.

But the original point again, and last time is that I find the price of a sub to be not expensive, for me and perhaps for no one else. I don’t buy in the item shop because there is nothing I really need there, I am content to level and play with whatever I find in the game- again, that is me. I believe a person can play the game, completely free and still enjoy it. Buy something in the item shop, you get Global.

I wish I had not commented at all, but I feel driven to point out that this proves, no one can have a civil disagreement or debate without making assumptions about the other, etc.

I am done. YOU WIN. This game is terribly expensive, for the price of 2 venti cappuccinos from Starbucks a month I get a few extra things. I am wrong, it is a very very expensive game. Eight USD a month will break me. I am glad I have been corrected.

I hope you werent refering to me in your latest post, in that case im sorry. The point I was trying to make is that its more aspects to this than “is 8dollars alot of money?”.

8 dollars isnt alot, but you get nothing else than access to t6 gear and goldcap. First of all we already payed several years of sub fee’s that should have payed for the development of 5 of those raids. We got one raid in like 5 years, But have to pay the equivalent of a netflix sub each month in order to fully utilize it on top of that. One sneaky way of pay 2 win.


Nope, not referring to you, just wrapping the last of my opinion on the matter. All good.