Player numbers per steam charts- scratching head

CE steam chart

So looking at the steam chart I am scratching my head. Numbers are dropping to the EA levels again. 6500 currently playing now and an average of 11k over the last bit on the servers. Looks like there was 40% drop since May - -June when the peak was about 50k.

So here’s what I scratching my head over, the game supposedly sold 1.1 million or so copies we are told. Where are the 1 million 50 thousand players that do not seem to be playing?

What am I missing?

Is it valid to ask based on the charts what happened to all those players?

Something is just weird if over a million copies sold and we only have 12k playing.

Did a huge chunk of people get refunds or what?

With those sales numbers why is it that more people are not playing this game?

We are kind of missing about 1 million players somehow.

on 1 of 10 players steam might not count.
I have 2 friends out of 20 conan players on my friendlist which have this problem, their steam is not recognizing conan is running and therefor it doesn’t count in this statistics.

but lets be honest currently there are:

Exploiters and Bug abusers on official pvp servers, so people already stay away from pvp (and therefor the original conan experience!) and there are no admins that do anything , nor does funcom or g-portal do something against them or atleast ban them if it’s needed currently!

Server crashes pretty much every evening in the last few weeks and heavy bugs (especially the AI sometimes not attacking) which completly destroys your immersion.

But still I am seeing this game as a sleeping giant, it has all the good things you want in a survival game , especially both sides , pve and pvp, a good building system and even a light story in it, it just needs to overcome it’s hurdles :slight_smile:

also keep in mind that , especially the younger generation, only plays hype games currently such as fortnite.
So if one big streamer plays this game again, it might become hyped :wink:

14,228 - 24-hour peak

do you have such statistic for console?

The steam charts dont take consoles into account , There’s also alot more people playing singleplayer than I ever thought there would be.

At this point the games probably sold well over 1.5 Million copies. In a dev stream a month ago it was 1.4 million but the games been on discount across all platforms for a while now.

I’m actually noticing a revival on PS4 servers since the discount, the server I usually play on went from an average of 10 to 12 players to about 20 to 30, and high 30’s to 40 players during peak hours and weekends.

But those numbers are all from players new to the game, of all the clans/players that started on this server when it came online I’m the only one left.

All of my friends that played Conan Exiles quit after 2 weeks to a month.

Some of the players are also on vacation with family. Especially in the EU, July is a popular vacation month.

Some quit, cuz they lost a chest of hardened steel to wedge foundations.

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I recently came back from a 2 week vacation myself and am currently taking a break from the game, waiting for some of the bugs to get fixed, and I’m sure I’m not alone. This game is a blast to play, but it is still as broken as it was in EA.

My steam always shows me and my friends as being offline, and therefore I doubt it counts those players as being logged in for statistics.

As already noted, there are additional players across both PS4 and Xbox that will not register in Steam. I play on PS4. Is Steam the only way to access/play CE on PC/Mac?? If not, then there could be a fair chunk of people playing on PC/Mac, but not on Steam, helping to explain the number gap.

Even so, in many games there is a spike in activity when the game is first launched, some people stick around while others decide it is not for them. Or perhaps another game launches and steals their attention.

Likely there is some player attrition, but I see no way for us to accurately quantify it across all the platforms. FunCom is likely privy to that kind of info, but as a business wanting to hype their product, they will focus on the sales number and keep the number of people actually playing the game close to the chest.

How do you lose a million players though?

The servers should be full even with vacations.

I kinda like it. It’s like having lit a Nuke, in PvE. I’m claiming a lot of good spots meanwhile.
A lot of new people joining right now, thx to the summer sales and humble bundle. Not as many as before, but that’s good too. Don’t need the servers to be 40/40 on prime time.

Survival of the fittest :slight_smile:

Still means they lost a million players somehow. In 2 months. - even if you half that I’ve never seen 500k players ever playing this game.

I’d actually make a Powerpoint presentation on comparing demographics between Rust, ARK and Conan Exiles, but i’m having too much fun on CE right now to give a crap.

Maybe when Fallout 76 starts losing half it’s player base because everyone expects it to be fallout 5, i’ll find the time to compare demographics.

You never will see 500k playing this game. The all time peak on the steam charts is 53k, I wouldn’t be so concerned with the steam charts anyway.

There’s over 1 thousand official servers worldwide, about 435 of those are PC servers
The rest are console servers, so steam can only count 1/3 of the official servers.
I dont think they’ve lost a million players, at least not yet…
Btw their sales figures are for total sales across all platforms .

Does steam count private servers? Just curious.

Just because you see 12k people on at one time doesn’t mean that’s all that are playing. Is this a chart for a total 24 hour or 1 week period?

Some people work awkward shifts, or can only make time during weekends. Some players hop on for an hour to do some grinding, then head off to eat and sleep after a long day. Also, this is global, so don’t think that your prime time is the prime time for all players. It gets spread.

1000 x’s 40 player per server is 40,000 max where did the rest go?

if steam is only counting a third then we are looking at 120,000 players approximately.

Still a lot of people not on.

Servers are not full now but you would not expect 40% drop rates in June. - would have thought the 500 patch would have had a lot people logging in initially but it didn’t.

There’s also Private servers and offline players, and as @Enyo said not all players are online at once, Steam is just calculating the number of active players online at one time.

So are you saying given sales there’s a million players playing?

No, I have no idea how many people are actually playing, I’m just quoting Funcoms sales figures and the known server numbers.

How many people are actually playing on PC,Xbox and PS4 is anyones guess.

What I’m getting at, is the Steam Charts are misleading since they dont count the actual total of players, for example they dont count alot of people playing singleplayer, and can’t count console players.

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