Conan Exiles's Success (via Steam Charts and SteamSpy)

Steam Charts

As of posting this, Conan Exiles is at 13th place for the Steam games with the highest current players. We’re at 28,718 concurrent players.

The absolute peak for Conan Exiles was at 53,402 concurrent players, after Early Access launch. We’re well-poised to overtake that throughout the upcoming months. If we reach that again, then we’ll be at 4th place on Steam Charts.

Ark is currently at 10th-most concurrent players, with 31,547! Perhaps we’ll eclipse Ark before the (North American) day is through. If not today, then certainly within the next months.


On Twitch, we peaked at 91,408 viewers. The rest of the statistics are blocked off to me, since I don’t pay for the service.

The servers are brimming with players, and it’s hardly been a day. As word gets out about the game’s development since Early Access launch, I’m guessing that we’ll see even more players.

Keep in mind these are just PC stats. Xbox and PS4 stats are hosted elsewhere.


We’ve just surpassed Rust, for 12th place on Steam Charts :cloud_with_lightning:

would be more if we could log in

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Bam! Numero 7 on Steam Charts. Europe is going to sleep, and America is getting off of work.

well to do that you need to have servers for people to log into…

Back down to 12th place on Steam Charts.

They really need to open more servers, or increase the max. player count! I’ve been playing on 70 player private servers, and the lag isn’t noticeable. Maybe it will be more noticeable later on in the game.

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