Game dead on consoles

Like most games that heavily focus on PC this game is dead on consoles. Why? I thought it was just time of day nope. Consoles versions are dead 90% of the time.

Ps4/ps5 Make up most of Population. (last I checked, was nearly x4 to x5 of PC steam count)

its far from dead… well, its not popular as it was. Hence why it feels dead sometimes when you go thru server list. Plently of player have giving up on Officials in general.


I looked at PS4 most of it dead even on none official servers.

88,893 to 128,398 on ps4. 280,000 Total across all platforms from months ago. New Season drops in March, so likely to jump back up.

Most of Site trackers aren’t spot on. None of numbers on how many of those are SP or on Servers.

Its 200k + overall for for past months. So take Steam count and minus it from total, and you can figure out whos on Consoles.(and other PC platforms?)

Consoles make up most of Population now.

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PS4 and PS5 servers are the same, the official server I’m on has 14-25 people playing daily, not sure what you’re talking about :slight_smile:


Yea despite what people will tell you it’s pretty dismal due to a lot of oversight and lack of fixes.

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Just out of curiosity, where you get this numbers from?

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Yup… I’ve been on siptah lately, and there’s quite a few on that server too.

On the official exiles land server I play was nearly the same amount of players on prime time. But then 5 clans get banned and most of them never came back again.
But after time there came new people and the amount was again between 10 and 15 players.

But now we get the loadingscreen bug since 3 month so now you see sometimes 2 players online and they hanging in loading screen.

Poor Math skills. =3 (No seriously)

I mean, theres a few sites that have abit of data collection. And you can nab abit of general numbers. None of its really split up to which category. And they can be off abit. (and knowing how they collect it abit of unknown)

Few Tracker sites for PSN, which can give a general break down of who’s playing what. (but its never broken down)

One website states theres Daily Players: 241,371
But also list 100k average. (with high of 250k) Which matches up with dates of Updates released by Funcom.

How accurate are these sites… who knows. Its known fact Consoles in general have higher populations.
Abit of Poor Math skills, (since Steam is nice enough to show case its own numbers) (and Sony, Nintendo and MS hide there)

None of its Concrete, since none of these website give up how they get numbers. There use to be alot more of these sites, Special for Stat Trackers for CoD and BF, Destiny etc.


When they released 3.0 on playstation for the first weeks most of the dlc stuff was invisible. Invisible walls and floors.
And even now conans bar is a sad place… After 6 month not fixed. And also after 6 month I am not able to do any spell of this sorcery content without getting blue screen and also the people around me.
The population would be much bigger if the game would work correctly. On the siptah server I play the population goes down to 2-5 players at Primetime. It was way more and I think it goes up with the next chapter again. But also here are many long term bugs. Leaves and foliage is still invisible. I try to see this positive and said to my friends hey that’s the only magic we can do… Take a star metal tool and you add the leaves like a witcher… But after this long time it’s not fixed its not so funny anymore


Oh I agree,
Consoles Version are there biggest population, and would likely be bigger if we got Decent Patches over all these years.
The 3-6month wait for fixes is very unwelcome.

Thou I feel like Broken Record saying that every time… T__T


Ok thx. I thought that maybe funcom released some of this numbers or talk about it in a stream and I missed it.

Would be nice if Sony and ms would show the numbers like steam. I don’t think that any website has a way to track it. Maybe they doing polls or something but technically I don’t see any possibility to track what console users are playing now.

In my opinion the game is not dead but the numbers are to high.


Would like to see the numbers of new accounts at this forum from last weekend. That where only pc players that couldn’t play and there was much of them. Maybe a good way to find out how many play on console if something goes wrong and playstation servers where not availible over a weekend :sweat_smile:

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if its Online, theres way to track it. I’m not a expert in that department… and its a rabbit hole of stuff when you look into it. Average user isn’t gonna find it, it takes some good know how to find data bases and follow traffic in and out.
Always someone smart enough to figure it out. (not me…)

Define dead. By Fortnite/PUBG numbers? Sure. But there are games still actively running and updating that would kill for CE numbers (like bloodhunt). So if you think a few hundred on at any give time is dead, ok. I don’t but I have different criteria for dead than you apparently.


It not dead on xbox officials ,the servers are just down!lol

Dang, consoles have such a huge population. I had known for a while that they were bigger than the PC population but had no idea by such a lopsided number. Interesting indeed.


There are servers that don’t get action but during peak times, you can easily see 10-30 players on at least 20 different servers in the US alone.

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Oh look, yet another game is dead thread to add to the pile. Player numbers always fluctuate with games. Nowhere on the forums is there an official announcement that Funcom are shutting down Conan due to poor player numbers or whatever. Game is still getting updates.


Not sure what console you have been playing on the one we play on i a PVE -C and I counted 15 people playing. Perhaps you need to look before you speak