Returning player looking for a welcoming PVE guild

Greetings everyone.
I started playing age of Conan back in 2008 on daily basis. Dungeons. Raids and some PVP VS ascendant guild at that time. Age of Conan has something special about it that I just couldn’t forget about no matter what.

But everytime I try to come back I struggle finding a nice family. The game just feels so empty without a guild. Voice chat. Having fun enjoying the game and building a bond.

Sorry for the long write. I just wish there is a family here that can welcome me and remind me of how amazing AOC is again.

Some info about my characters:
Got one of every character khitai geared. But mostly enjoying the DT for VOM and the sin for amazing DPS numbers

Last raid I completed was back in 2012 or 13 I think. T4 weekly basis.

Sin DPS at that time was 1.9 to 2K DPS. (in raid)

I lean to play all my chars as I get bored with one character pretty quick.

I play mostly on GMT+0 to GMT+3 time zone.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my long post and hope to see you in-game soon.

Best Regards