Looking for RP-PVE Guild

Hey all! I’m a returning player who’s gotten back into this old gem of a game and I’m looking for an RP Guild (doesn’t have to be heavy on it). I live in the US-Central Time Zone, but I’m on most days of the week, currently playing with a Cimmerian Barbarian character that is currently a Level 35, and I don’t mind doing raids and other stuff too!

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

edit: And for those who think it’s important I also know the lore of the world of Hyborea pretty well (I’d like to think), been into Conan since reading the Dark Horse Comic series on his adventures :stuck_out_tongue:

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After three days of searching I have found an RP Guild that has taken me in! It seems recruiting in this game for these types of guilds is nearly non-existent and while it is a very small guild with either one or two actually active members the guild known as “The Gathering [RP]” is active with me in it :stuck_out_tongue:. If anyone is searching for an RP Guild to belong in that does not care for what kind of character you wish to role-play as or does not have a strict set of rules (aside from just having decent English skills) then send a tell to Meibhinn and I’ll recruit you into the guild right away!

Cheers everybody!

Also there is the longest rp pve pvp guild remaining on AOC still going strong from launch. We had 3 big rp events this month that were sponsored by funcom and listed in log on news and pinned on the forums.

Contact ptah and or satetka in game currently on both fury and crom.

Will do thank-you! :smiley: