The Guild Hall Project (Recruit for your Guild)

Since we have no sub forum, I thought at least we could do a bit ourselves. Let’s start simple and post for your guild, if you are actively recruiting.

Include name, focus (pve,pvp,rp, social, raiding, etc), main language, city and/or battlekeep/building- in short, basic info as seen in global/nph ads. And who to contact for invitation.

Please, please don’t spam personal attacks, QQ, and troll behavior here (make your own thread). Let’s try to add to the community in a positive way.


Empire of Stygia

Number 1 in enslavement since 2008.
Number 3 in overall rank. (This week)
Number 1 in glory.

Our focus is RP. However, because many of our rprs pvp their RP we also need to be pvprs.

We do the most sieges on AoC and in guild minis/pvp events to that end. We are looking for 5 more pvprs w range to make our sieges more competitive.

We speak all languages and play 24/7. Our peak is European hours with 40 people online. During US times we drop to 30ish. We support mixed levels and help new players with lower tier raiding. We had 600 different toons log on this week.

We have a many cities all t3 to support rp faction wars. Several are renown 20. We have a few bks ( t3) and just traded Gardak for Oakenhome as the Black Lotus Rebellion returned to Stygia to dethrone Prince Ptah as he rises to become the first Prince of the new Stygian Empire.

Our pve is progressing to t5. We dont watch YouTube and have never done t5. Yak doesnt seem to hard so far but we havent yet defeated it.

Contact, Rebecca, Malakai, Odalie, Toughbreak, Chico, Yvanchiaran, Ryzena or just shout enslave me in global for an invite.


The Gathering [RP]

RP guild reformed from the remains of Red Lotus to act as a hub/platform for players interested in all aspects of RP.

Our only requirement is a good or decent English, other than that it is in a way a free for all guild. By this I mean the guild is not any noble house, mercenary band or race focused guild, but just a guild for the players to come together and try to engage in RP.

Because of the dwindling numbers of roleplayers, and some have a hard time finding a suitable guild, I decided to go with this idea. Rivalries between the characters are allowed and even encouraged as long as it doesn’t spread into OOC drama. Those who have roleplayed here for long time, know exactly how big of an issue this has been sometimes.

  • Free For All RP guild
  • Only requirement is decent or good English.
  • Guild city is in Lacheish Plains which can be used for RP plots freely
  • In character rivalries allowed
  • No requirements for online times
  • Players range from US to EU time zones, all are welcome
  • PVE and PVP is of course allowed as well

Contact Valatid in game for more info or invitation.

PS. Thanks Jarafin for the topic!

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Intrepid Nomads

New social guild looking to grow with true friendly players and slackers. All levels welcomed, no voice comm, play as you like with people that will acknowledge you.

Let’s be different, let’s be and build a community, a true guild.

As we grow, we can do groups together or with allies and beyond.

Leader: Arajnif

Tell in game or look for recruiting message
*Edits are updating officer roster.