[Recruitment] STORM - Recruitment Open

Hi. Im remaking this thread as I still get /tells from the original one in 2009.
I’ll even edit it due to the posts below.

If you are lucky like me, and play in the timezone of the damned (GMT+10), then I am sure you are sitting on your computer, reading this thread saying

Originally Posted by you

Then this thread is for you.

Currently the guild has nothing to offer you for joining. Yep, you read right. Nothing. Nothing at all. Though, I suppose you could use the city for farm raids if you like. Honestly I don’t even care. If you are somewhat respectable, have a plucky ‘can do’ attitude, and actually like to chat, and are bored where you are due to “noone being on your timezone as it is the timezone of the damned” then you should join.

Not apply. Join. Ok, I meant apply. but you’ll probably get in. We actually have more to offer now than in 2009, or so I’m told. So it’s a bit of a self defeatist post so far.

What’s that? You have friends where you are? Chitchat buddies? Hm. Could be a problem, how could such a problem be conceivably solved? We wouldnt want to be responsible for destroying life long friendships here at Storm, so get them to join too.

Should you be sucessful in your long and streneous application process which involves (and is limited to)

Originally Posted by you again
/tell Kinkstaah lol lfguild

You can join the ranks of the amazing guild Storm, formed before guilds even actually were implemented into the game correctly. (Yes, we were created by a GM initially), and if you study long and hard, you could gain fame, become uber, criticize guild management, which has never actually been me… and then break off with all your elitist friends and start your own guild, just Like Redemption, Angelic Retribution, and Spartans have!

But first you’ll have to actually ignore everything in this post and actually go apply. It takes two minutes. You’ll get in unless you’re an . And if you’re an , then we’ll probably keep you if you’re funny. If you’re more than me, and NOT funny, you’re probably already hated by the entire community and thus aren’t playing.

Who could resist that?

Originally Posted by you
Omg not me

Join now - Because you’re sick of noone being online to get your done too.


Storm is an Org which has existed for many years. Originally started by a GM, it is a noble and very well known, well established Org. If AO has any royalty, then Storm is surely the Court of Kings and Queens, Noble Knights and Warriors, Clansmen and Clanswomen proud and bold.

Storm are always looking to expand further and give more players the opportunity to play AO together with friendly and experienced players. We are endgame focused, but we are keen to help new players learn about the wonderful world of Anarchy Online. This means we welcome players of any level.

Many of our players are extremely experienced and well qualified raid leaders at all levels. We have twink specialists, we have pvp specialists, we have pvm specialists and We are always looking for more players to join the family. You don’t need to be experienced, you just need to be interested in joining a family of players who are fun, look after you, advise, help and generally get into mischief with you.

Currently Storm has players from all over the world including Europe, Australia and America.

One thing you can be sure of in Storm, is a warm welcome. No drama, mature responsible people committed to making a Guild Members experience of Anarchy Online a memorable, sometimes breathtaking, but always rewarding one.

Your next step should be to visit our Forum Website:

Browse around and make yourself at home and then perhaps consider making an application. Even if you don’t apply, say hello and we’ll see you online in AO soon!

If you want to know more about Storm, ask any member, we will pleased to hear from you.

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Yo guys!
I’m interested in joining your clan!
My main is a 150 doc, and some other alts, but I’m thinking of rolling a new one. Maybe agent or trader… Any advice?

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Hmm… Maybe dead also on this forum :cold_sweat:

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Visit our forums if you want to join. :wink:

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Fresh bump

Need more chit-chat buddies.

Having trouble signing up to your forums to place an application. /tell Fragal

Hey guys are you requiting at the moment? Rikkusa