Storm Crusaders Recruitment = Open [Omni]

Storm Crusaders has been growing steadily but not too fast!
Recruitment is open!
message one of the recruiters below! (ingame)

  • We are an Omni organization

  • We started when a group of vets wanted to make a active org!

  • We are highly active in pvp and pvm!

  • We recruit almost anyone… Depends on history is all that matters!

  • We are proud of what has come of the org in this short time!

  • We help others (even non orgmembers) who are in need of help

      WHAT WE DO!

We help anyone who needs (if possible) with twinking helping get stuff they cant ect.

We raid, We team, We help with twinking and equipment, We explain and we teach.

We can offer most loot with org teams and raids!

We have 2 fully decked cities (Omni)

We offer experienced members, With good advice and knowledge

We offer a org bank with ton of items!

We offer Friendly Gameplay (No Drama), PvM and PvP! Newcommers and free players are welcome as well

We do raids when people need stuff and/or We are doing it to sell

We offer Sell runs as well as loot runs!

Check out raids and guides here on our forums, We post raids and guides there aswell as help requests/help able to be given…


We want to remain a family with happy members, and we welcome nice, friendly, And mature people. “Mature” doesn’t mean “old” We just want people to not act childish and cause drama.

If you want to join an org with only wanting loot or to beg for stuff, then SC is not for you!

If you cause or like drama, disputes, conflicts, If you spoil the fun for people inside or outside the org by any unfair behavior, Then SC is Not for you.

Having Expansions is not needed! You can join with any free account as well.


Contact us or leave a application on our bot! /tell squadwar help apply

TheEvildoc GMT -6:

message us ingame and we will talk when we aren’t busy! Feel free to leave offline tells and/or a few messages its easy to miss some<

Read our rules on our forums to make sure you don’t break any!

Have fun and don’t forget to check us out! We wish you best of luck and fun in AO!

Bump Recruitment is open again