Any Omni Orgs Recruiting?

203 Engineer, just back to the game after a long break, looking for an Omni Org. Was on Rimor before the merge. My Wife, a 202 Fixer also looking for an org :slight_smile:

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Weyland Yutani is always recruiting. I rarely see other Omni orgs actively recruiting.

We tried them, but I don’t think their bot is working properly. Links weren’t working and we didn’t get any feedback before being denied!

H’mm, If I see their recruiter whose always spamming chat I’ll mention it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorted, apparently there is a problem with their bot, so managed to get an invite at the hangout spot by Fair Trade in ICC :slight_smile:

I have the feeling that this recruitment bot is kinda useless.
It’s not allowing applications from character younger then 30 days, which is really bad for froobs.
After 30 days ppl which are interested in an org already found another one.

Grats. I did try sending a tell but it bounced back with an error msg,

Relo makes a good point.

Angel outside is mainly PvP org on Omni side but we are the most active and glad to help people get back into the game. You must have some desire to PvP and partake that’s kinda of are only rule. If your interested hit me up in game. Usually on Necrid, Tiduskies, Neclid, Darksith.

Thanks Tidusky, I am not so much into the PvP side of things though (I am just bad at it) and have been fortunate to find a home in WY. :slight_smile: