Most active omni orgs


Which omni orgs have more than a couple people online at normal euro-hours and regularly do fun stuff, endgame or other (whatever really)? I’ve tried come back and play a few times lately, but my org seems dead.

The only really active Omni org I see is Weyland Yutani. My Omni org just died (city gone) this past month :confounded: and my neut org just vanished overnight which was weird since it’s as if all members were kicked out. There was enough money in the org bank to keep the city going for another year too.

Yeah I see Weyland Yutani members a lot

Checked out member numbers in some orgs that seemed to be doing good last time I played, but they’ve all lost a lot of members, and Weyland Yutanis numbers are up. Only one org on Ommi side?

Although not strictly an organisation, I would recommend joining Hellcom. It’s a bot where people from every org do endgame content together (raids and tower wars).

Heisann, yes I’m in Hellcom :slight_smile:

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oi you’re from First Order :wink: Who’s your character?

fx captnebula :slight_smile: Yup, it’s been pretty empty there for quite a while

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I joined Post Apocalypse myself and would recommend them :heart: