Looking for Org (Omni or Neut)

I’m looking for an Org, got a mix of both Omni and Neut toons so would be happy with either. Dozens of toons in total various levels, paid, sloob and froob.

Playing since 2004. Been president of Org Bug Busters (RK2) for most of that time. When many of us left for other games around 2011 we decided to keep the Org open for people as and when they returned, so whilst it is great to see people again when they return for a few months, it does mean that there is only ever three or four of us at a time (plus the odd new joiner) and then we might not be on at the same time, so after doing that for ten years I’ve decided to move on (insert sad face emoji here).

UK based, but I’m online at odd times, before work, and lunch break, rarely in the evenings (yeah, even in Lockdown the wife won’t let me game in the evenings), so any time zone might fit me. I’m not interested in end game raids, doing the same raids over and over on each toon is my idea of hell, plus I feel it is a waste of any online time I get, so whilst I’d be happy to join in sometimes, in general, I wouldn’t have the time or inclination.

I’d find a huge Org really boring as you never get to really know people, so a smaller org would be preferable if there’s a group of relatively new / returning players who’ve set up their own org recently and want some help then I’d be very happy to join them as I find helping new players more interesting than actually working on my own toons.

As I mentioned, I do get a couple of old Orgies (is that a word) returning for a while each year, so at the very least I’d appreciate it if you’d be happy for me to direct them your way.

I should mention that I’m bloody rubbish on every toon, I just like wandering about looking a the pretty sunsets in different zones.

If you are on RK5, I’d invite you to talk to me about Wolf Brigade for your neutral characters. Our alliance also has some omni orgs associated with it.

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