Froob Orgs still exist?

Hey there Rubi-Ka.
Back in the day I recall there being at least one decent Froob only Org, any still exist?
(The one I recall was lead by a certain enigmatic and often AFK Trox by the name of Andyforcer or something to that effect.)

An absolute Froob only org is no longer possible. The org prez MUST be paid, Been that way for 5 years or so now. As for froob friendly orgs, all the ones that recruit say they are.

Aye I seem to remember that being a thing when I quit a couple years ago, iirc they had a paid alt of a former member as the actual prez who’s account had lapsed, or something along those lines. Thanks for the prompt reply.

There’s an omni org called “A Froobs Above The Rest”

Pretty sure its froob only besides the president. But yeah there are a couple of other froob only orgs.

That rings a very distinct bell! I suspect that’s the one I was thinking of, thank you, glad it still exists.

A lot of orgs are fr00b friendly, however the endame isn’t, what generally happens is a fr00b joins they are welcomed level up to 200 and feel left out as other members are in areas that they can’t access; it also means it’s hard to rally org members together to do something like the mercs as it has little value to a paid player now.
(Although someone may come and solo it for you)

You’re probably best finding an org with a almost entirely fr00b membership as you will have common goals to share.

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That is exactly my intent, after many years of sub I am generally unhappy with the way things went regarding character builds, nowadays there are 1-3 ways of building and gearing a character to be in any way competent towards the end game, so I am thinking of coming back to play froobie where that was never the case.
Some of my greatest joy in the game was making oddball characters that could still pull their weight in a team setting, just isn’t feasible as a paid player in paid content.


For interest’s sake, froob presidents still exist. They just can’t be created anymore.

You probably won’t find fully-froob orgs anymore given the playerbase, but just a chill low-level org might fit your needs. Many paid players have gone froob for various reasons!

Actually it is still possible to step outside of cookie cutter builds, it’s just harder to make it work; just ask my PDKP Agent friend, that can OD most average shades. or any of his 64 paid toons with bizarre yet incredibly effective builds. I may do a showcase of some of his builds each one of them is based on a different concept and all of them work very well.

agreed, the paid game is too far gone, I remember when they made it so froobs couldnt be presidents. Sad day, an update that happened for basically no reason. I seriously doubt they got anyone to subscribe to their game with that update.

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my org was disbanded for having a froob pres

Froobs who were president of an org before the change, have remained president. If your org was disbanded, it was not for this reason.

My org was also disbanded after that patch was released. Only people in the org were my toons. No infractions or anything on any of them. President was froob. So maybe some scraped through unnoticed the same as some froobs could still post on old forums, but yes they very certainly did disband orgs for having froob prez’s.