Glad to be back!

So I have been back in AO for about a week now, and I am so happy that the lights are still on for this masterpiece of a game. The flexibility with character building is fantastic. (want to make a 2hb Agent, go for it, but don’t expect an easy ride!). The music is probably the best I have come across in a MMORPG - the Omni-Trade music especially is just awesome.

Glad to see there are still other people enjoying the game, not as many as there once were, but times change.

Sorry for the sappy post! As you were. :slight_smile:


wb, are you on rk2k19?

No, on RK5 :slight_smile: My old engineer is level 204 now. Have joined a great, active org and having the most fun I have had in a MMORPG in years!

Welcome back :blush:

Lucky you, I’m struggling to find an org on RK5 myself, nobody seems to be recruiting or responding - how did you go about it?

Welcome back! If you’re Omni you can try msg me ingame om Hyimoliver and i can recommend you to our new factionbased Raid/PvP bot Called ‘yeets’.

Hello and WB! I, myself, play now more than last 3-4 years but I’ve changed 1 thing in my gaming - I found org that has people. So every time I log I meet at least 6 players online (yesterday there were 19! online). And good thing is I play in org with mixed zones, so we have Canadians, Americans and European players - any time I log, there is some activity.

PS: My org is Crimson Assasins on Rk5
It’s good to know you enjoy game too!

I responded to a recruitment message in OT OOC, then followed it up with a message to a member of the org (the recruitment bot was a bit buggy). Are you clan or omni?

Sorry for the late reply, been off ill. I am clan and still looking for an org to join :slight_smile: