Should i put money into AO Again?

So with the whole quarantine situation (even though i still get to work yay…) do yall think its worth coming back with a full subscription (to either server however i feel like RK19 would be more fun IF it has players), being on a GMT+0 Timezone? Ive been browsing forums and the opinions seemed mixed, which is never great and every week i feel this tingle inside me to go play AO but tbh for mostly solo play im not interested.

I was here for RK2019 start and up to about lvl 150 as a Sloob (SL only) and it kind of killed my vibe for main server due to the stupid economy and amount of uber geared pocket-player combos


A sub gets you access to both. I think it’s worth it, kinda sort-of. 2019 imo is more fun atm IF you’re in one of the active clans there. OTOH, I’m investing very little of that most valuable resource of all into 2019 due to its uncertainty. That resource would be TIME.

A huge deal breaker for me so far on 2019 is the lack of GMI. Another one is no froobs but I could live without them.

Im OK With the lack of GMI, brings trading back to classic chat selling but yeah no froobs is lameee
What timezone are you in and hows the population on the server you play on? If your still playing

I play mostly on RK5, pretty much solo. The orgs I was in went away years ago. ICC has been really busy of late, also Subway & TOTW.

I usually log on briefly around 10:00 EST I’ll go through an AO binge every few months…just did one :smiley: TOTW has been experiencing 2009 pop levels.

Cool, any idea on how RK2019 is doing atm?

While activity is up in AO this is only temporary given the world wide situation. Come back and play for now if you want to and have the money. But dont expect this population surge to last indefinitely.

Normally AO is very sparsely populated with raids and what not occurring on the weekends or on scheduled days and times. It is a little bit different now (due to COVID). If you want to sub for a long period of time I would advise against it. If you want to sub for a month or two and cure your itch, go for it.

The idea would be a couple months yeah, this COVID thing isnt just rolling by, i believe it will be a few months of this still and honestly if i can play this amazing game in group for a few months itll scratch that massive itch even if temporary
I just cant find any MMO that pulls me in like AO
What a sad waste of a game
EDIT: Thanks for the input m8

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