Possibility of returning to AO


Hi all,

I used to play AO a lot (my main MMO) between 2006 and 2011 or thereabouts. However, life got busy, circumstances changed and I got bored so I quit. During the time between 2012 and 2017 I returned a few times for a few weeks or a month tops and quit again. One of my main gripes was the direction the game was taking with the cash shop, daily missions and well the lack of content.

A few days ago I really got nostalgic for AO and wanted to get back and play on my main account. I was hit with yet even more changes that I disliked but the main downer for me was the absence of people. Yes, I know the game is in maintenance mode and won’t get updated again – I am not looking for the reason. I am actually wondering is my feeling true or is just a feeling?

Starter area is almost deserted, I mean I found 2-3 people max. Whereas back in the day (even in the 2015 time, I’d be running into all sorts of people). OOC chat (be it Newbies or not) is literally empty (which is unheard in the old days – sometimes you’d turn it off just to avoid the continuous talking).

The main reason I play MMOs is to have fun with other people, team up, chat, socialize, do the content, etc… basically just the definition of multiplayer – playing with others – if I want to play alone, I’ll just play a single player game.

The question here is, is this it? Is this how AO has come to? A few people here and there still playing and that is about? LFT window is empty in various levels, people in OA or Borealis are mostly AFKing (yes, the old days had that too but not like this) – they just feel like ghost towns. I mean ToTW had no players, no trains… when did that ever happen?! No dying? No running back? How is this AO (joking if you didn’t notice)?

Should I bother and return or don’t waste my time and try to fill the void with something different? Would joining an org help? I did try a while ago (a year or more ago) and joined an org but turned out the advertised HUNDREDS of people are just alts or accounts that don’t login even or login to AFK around OA selling stuff.

Anyway, would appreciate any help with this.



Which timezone do you play in? During the EU evenings it’s far from quiet, but around the time of your post it’s not very active.


I just came back too and have played for a month and a half. The game is filled with players. Started a brand new account and I’m already lvl 218. I’ve virtually never leveled alone.

There’s a couple reasons you may have seen so few players:

You may have logged in at a bad time. I’m noticing you posted this around 11 PM in america. By then a lot of americans are heading to bed.

From what I can tell, Borealis isn’t really the core player hub any more. Maybe check out the new ICC zone they added after the starter area, if you’re looking for omni players. Clan still mostly hangs out in OA, I believe.

The busiest time seems to be saturday mornings, american time. I’ve definitely seen over a thousand people on then. Its nuts.


I’m not sure which American time you mean, but I agree that on the Pacific coast anywhere from six thirty onward player numbers start plummeting until the Nordics wake up.


I play at odd hours mostly but I am in the EU timezone. Yes

Not in the American timezone though my playing hours are not set in stone due to my work/life schedule.

I’ll give it ago another time today. Hopefully I do meet those thousands of players :slight_smile: