2019 or regular server for a new player?

I heard the 2019 is only temporary, I’d like to keep my progress if possible, but what do you all think?

What is my best bet for giving the game a try?

You’ll most likely have an easier time finding teams for low level content on RK2019. AO is a lot about knowledge, so once you learn the game it’s a lot faster to get your characters going. When you understand the importance of NCU, how to do basic twinking and what items you can sell rather quick then the progression is super fast :slight_smile:

So even if RK2019 is closed down, then I think you’d have an easy time to get started on the main server after. Not to mention that you’ll only have to start with just Notum Wars and Shadowlands (Alien Invasion next week) so you’d have less things you have to focus on early on.

From FAQ: ### How long will the server be open?

The current plan is to run the server for 12 months - however, if near the end we see the community wants to keep it going, that is an option we are not taking off the table.

The economy on the old server is highly ruined due to funcom not fixing the exploits early on so players have more credits than they should.

Funcom have fixed the exploits on RK2019, from what i have heard so the economy is better here.
I hope that they decide to keep this server up when the 12 months run out.

Thanks for the replies! I tried out the normal server lastnight, and enjoyed it so much I tossed in a sub and hopped in the 2019 variant.

I made a soldier named Hargrave, so say hi sometime if you wish. I joined the Omni tech faction.

Any suggestions on finding some folks to play with? I saw a few in the subway system but didn’t get any replies. Maybe I need to find a guild.

I am glad that you are enjoying the game. We are in the same faction, i would like to play with you. Right now i am about level 42. I have mostly been doing missions for tokens. Feel free to say hi sometime when i am online. My character name is Tanzie.

Thanks for all the help tonight Tanzie. Gonna grind more tokens tomorrow!

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If you havent found an org yet, Majestic Twelve always accepts new players, send me a tell on Nave ingame if you’re interested!

this is rk2019
(18:35) newplayer: yoo ! (18:35) newplayer: care if I join ? :slight_smile: (18:36) xxxx: 500k/lvl

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Stay neutral and play on rk2019

In game, type /tell tradenet !join

It’s a player made bot to send messages to all other players that have joined. It’s used to buy, sell and find teams.

Also while in game, do shift+f to open the looking for team window. Make sure to change one of the settings at the top of the window to search for players anywhere.

Dont ask for AFK teams then! :stuck_out_tongue: