Newbie question about rk2019


We’re two players trying Anarchy Online that original played other Funcom games and have a few questions about the RK2019 server.

  1. Is the RK2019 server going to stay open for a while?
  2. Are there players at all? We visited but could not find a single person. This is not a complaint in any way.
  3. In your opinion do you think it’s worth for a couple newbies leveling up on RK2019 for fun?

Reason we ask is that it seems more fun with a bit less people in the dungeons not that we don’t appreciate help.

Thanks for reading!

I would not try to do it hardcore solo the first time around.
In general the normal server is populated but people are not contesting each other on dungeons or monsters.
I would prefer starting on the normal server, because sometimes a little help with spells and nano’s is just needed.