Funcom —- please update us on your plans for RK19

I’m sure I’m not alone here wondering what the long term plans are for RK2019.

My thoughts

  1. returning players won’t start new on a server that was supposed to be gone a month or 2 ago.
  2. existing player base is probably hesitant doing anything because we could be deleted anytime.
  3. we are missing features still like GMI

Funcom are you able to tell us anything ??


I would love to know more about this. I just reactivated two accounts of mine… but don’t want to pay for a years subscription and then dump all my (1-4 months of grinding) into the wrong server.

Please, as best you can, let us know IF/WHEN you are gonna do a final server merge (to amp up the population) and maybe sustain some life force in AO.

Now is the time to make a big change, with a lot of people in the game and interested. A permanent server merge and committal to support (on some level) could get fence sitters to commit some big bucks to the game/characters/accounts.

From everything we know, the 2019 server will continue indefinitely.

I doubt a merge will happen because the way I see it, one of their main motives for making the 2019 server was to have a fresh economy. Merging servers would throw that all away. There’s only 2 ways I can imagine them doing it.

  1. They give everyone an extra 8 character slots (or whatever the default is) but this would piss off all the players who paid real life money for extra character slots.

  2. Make all character “deactivated” and players would have to choose which characters they want to have active.

Hello everyone,

Wondering the same thing. I just came back on AO 3 days ago (after 10 years), and I’m not quite sure what to do. Rubika classic server is kind of broken for new or poor people like me, everyone is having wayyyyy too much money.

I would have like to start of again with the 2K19 server but it seems that knowing the chars would die, nobody is playing (tried it, there is too few people it’s so sad)

Is a new server on its way ? Does Funcom learned from its mistake and have solutions to give a fresh and enjoyable experience ?

There is no longer any evidence to suggest that RK 2019 will be shut down.

If you want to be 100% safe though, I’d suggest maybe waiting a few weeks for the Tencent merge to settle and hopefully they’ll give some kind of statement but even then I wouldn’t bet on it.

While the inflation is huge but at the same time it’s not that hard to earn some creds. You can do basic armor quest, roll nanos, farm dynas for nanos and other rare items, sell LRs if you’ve got high lvl char etc. I mean you can easily make 1b+ in a week even as a relative newbie (although I won’t argue that doing basic armor quest or rolling nanos is an enjoyable experience).

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The econony is very same on both servers and in fact, it is working as it was intended to work.

Fresh economy server is just a marketing term.

Rubika- 2019 was never ment to be a subject of character merge or to be a permanent server. That is a fact.

The server fulfills its purpose as long as GRACEs are being sold.

Honestly, I just dont understand anyone who still plays the rk19 server, unless you like the uncertainity and the population lack.

New and returning players are asking which server to play, because it does not make much sense but once you active your account its not hard to log on both servers and see where the right answer is.

RK19 is great. Unless you’ve spent longer than 2 seconds playing there, you have no idea what you’re talking about (this is not directed solely at you, hell).

We do just fine with our ~100 population, non-broken economy, no idiopathic banter on trade/darknet, supremely succesful cross-faction raidbot, etc. The list goes on. This is the most fun I’ve probably ever had playing this game.

Not sure why RK5 players still can’t just let us be happy about OUR choice of server. Hosablarr, for example, comes to mind. That guy needs a muzzle (and a white flag kek).

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A good org makes all the difference. My 15-ish year AO journey would just be imaginary but for the org(s) I was in. Good times but alas, real life can get in way and people go their own way and we all drift apart :slightly_frowning_face:

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You make me want to visit the new dimension RK19. To bad their isn’t a portal I can use to send one of my toons there for a visit. I would be OK leaving my bank items and credits behind, as long as I can get them back if I decide to come back :slight_smile:

They need to be clear about the future of RK19.

If you’re paid you have access! and you start from scratch! There is no other option. and you retain everything on RK5.