RK 2019 - It's time for FC to speak

Ok so it’s December, it’s time for FC to speak up about what their plans are for RK 2019.

Are they shutting it down after 1 year or is it going to continue? People want to know so they can decide which server to play on. @AndyB @Nossos @Tamtor


The plan is that they close the server after a year, a change in plans would need to be announced, so if they don’t announce anything you should assume that it’s going according to plan :slight_smile:


i believe that after they release LE on january they will let it continue without any interest :slight_smile:

I think you’re right

Server won’t be shut down guaranteed. Remember how the froob program was supposed to come to an end lol?

I agree Judge, it makes the most sense as a business decision as long as there are enough people playing on the server. I would like to hear a FC rep -say it- so that those of us playing there can do longer term planning.

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OTOH, red flags for me-- no GMI & no Froobs. I can see them just not doing froobs at all to cut down on credit shenanigans but not GMI.

Lost Eden went live today & I logged on 10:30est and it was even more ghost towny then usual…not one blue or orange dot in ICC.

The first thing people would have done is gone to Shadowlands to get LE levels so makes you wouldn’t have seen anyone in ICC. Also timezones.

Also it’s still early January, people might be on holidays.

So thats how people survive on rk19? Telling themselfs that its gona be ok, everybody is hiden somewhere and leveling? Or hoildays or timezones :slight_smile: I heard that even Tarasque is up for hours after spawn.

People should not ask if they shuting it down after one year, but will someone play it till that day!

I think they should probably shut down RK19 and roll out RK20.

But let the community vote on what should happen on RK20. For example:
a) AI+SL from start and no other expansions for a year. Gradual increase in lvl caps.
b) All expansions from start. Gradual increase in lvl caps.
c) Gradual release of expansions. Gradual increase in lvl caps.
d) Option 4
e) Option 5
f) etc.
…and then ignore the vote result and do whatever they feel like instead #theFCway :laughing:

Maybe a legacy server is a good thing, maybe it is what player want still. But dividing the population especially now is a bad thing. The legacy server should have been implemented about 10 years ago when there was a bigger voice/population demanding/wanting it. Once again, too little too late.

I dont know since I dont play the legacy server, but what would really help AO is a global chat channel (with various restrictions), bonus points if they put it on RK5.

Also, FC will never speak, not now and not ever unless its announcing something, like downtime, holiday patch/event. AO is on life support so you all need to realize that you will be ignored indefinitely.


You’re steering this ship - We’ll be on deck to listen to your feedback and thoughts on when level caps should be raised as well as when expansions would be added to the game.

  • The current plan it to run the server for 12 months - however, if near the end we see the community wants to keep it going, that is an option we are not taking off the table.

  • If the server closes, what happens to my character?
    If the server does end, characters do not carry over from RK2019 to the original server.

Seriously need an answer to what will happen to RK2019

Incorrect. Tara dying after spawning as usual, and on our new raid bot no less. Literally all 3 factions working together now.

Instead of pretending to be in the know, how about you help out by logging in? Wouldn’t that be something?

There were a couple of cases with Tara not dying on cooldown. But some weeks ago and quite rare (maybe one spawn in a whole week).

LOLed to the proposition of closing this on-going server to create another one like that. Not many can be fooled twice. Let me guess, we should use some… how do you call them… polls? You know, to determine what everyone wants.

There are people who enjoy RK19 and play it daily. Funcom needs to address this.


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Just logged both servers for 15minutes to give this thread a quick slap of reality.

Rk2019 is empty, tradenet message sent to 6 players. Pretty much nothing going on anywhere at regular afk spots. Havent met anybody, anywhere. Bot shows no record of tower activity past month.

RK5 seems sleeping, people afk, few of them active at GMI terminals, few of them run around. Tradenet message sent to 163 players. Orgbot shows tower activity every day at all title levels.

Go figure now.
Your welcome!

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I also have been checking in and looking around the past week-- usually around 1100 EST.

RK2019 I ran my neut toon through Bor, ICC, OA, Rome Blue, & the Grid. The aliens obviously abducted everyone. Some-days it looked like a few survivors were there afk-ing-- like 2 or 3 per location.

RK5, made the same circuit-- usual amount of players hanging out-- if I had to guess I’d say 300+ logged on & afk-ing, towers, missions, buff begging, w/e.

There’s quite a few things that I think made this server not work as intended.

  1. Level caps AND releasing expansions over time. The combination of both those restrictions was to harsh. I think it would have turned out a lot better if just one of the restrictions was there.

  2. No GMI or replacement, chatbots is not a replacement for a working market system in a game. A market should have been in place from day 1.

  3. Multiboxing ban. Obviously. Tarasque was a good example of why it shouldn’t be allowed. Only multiboxers defends multiboxing. It should be clear by now that it’s not a good thing for the game.

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Seems you have bad timezones for both servers. I’ve never seen RK 2019 with 6 players on tradenet and even for RK5 I usually see 200ish.

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At the very least, can we get GMI and the other legacy starting locations on RK2019 like Jobe and the Shuttleport?

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