Started on 2019 server, dont have main server chars, so at year end:

  1. I will loose my 2019 chars forever if server closes ?
  2. I will be forced to play on nearly empty server if 2019 doesnt close ?
  3. Can i have my chars from 2019 moved to main server (there are enough free char slots) ?


Good Questions. Don’t think you’ll get an official answer though.

My take

1 & 3: Yes (EULA says FC owns your toons). Funcom can certainly move toons around. I expect there will be some sort of deadline-- “Relocate by March, 2020 or RIP”

  1. Also YES. Though it’d be interesting to see what kind of fuster-cluck happens IF they decided to close RK5 instead.

From the FAQ

How long will the server be open?

The current plan is to run the server for 12 months - however, if near the end we see the community wants to keep it going, that is an option we are not taking off the table.

If the server closes, what happens to my character?

If the server does end, characters do not carry over from RK2019 to the original server.

Yeah I’d say it’s time to have an official statement from someone at Funcom telling us whether or not they’re going to keep RK 2019 live after March 2020 or if they envision it being shut down.