Returing player for RK19 - need a home


Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but looking to find a guild to join that can put up with a long away returning player (over 15 years), there is nothing good to play at the moment but been enjoying leveling an MA again (i was 209 last time i played)

I have so much to learn, or relearn that i think that will take the fun out of the game, but if i find a home with some experienced players that is willing to part with some of their experience i am sure that will make all the difference.

I am playing Omni (but i will be happy to re roll to clan) name is Centric

Please send me a message

If you were 209 last time you played but want to play on RK 2019, you’ll be starting from scratch. You can’t transfer any characters over.

And the characters u make on rk19 will be deleted in about 9 month. Just to make sure u know that.

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“Just to make sure u know that.” - Right, ok.

So, for clarity, if it isn’t obvious, this is a popular sentiment with naysayers and is essentially an AO (2019) meme. The RK2019 FAQ says that the “current plan” (as of the writing of the document) is to keep the server open for a year. It also says “however, if near the end we see the community wants to keep it going, that is an option we are not taking off the table.” So, basically, like all political statements, it doesn’t really say anything. Maybe we will have to shut it off but maybe we won’t. Now, naturally it would be wonderful if they would (could?) talk to us like adults but they are playing this one by the book and so CYA is SOP. The translation of this is basically “They can’t be mad at us if we have to shut it down because we said we might have to at the beginning”. So, yes, if the tenants can’t pay the rent, they get evicted. But if they can, and kicking them out would be inconvenient…

I’ll say this, the current vibe on RK2019 feels like its a keeper. Maybe that will change, but atm it feels really unlikely that they will be shutting it down any time soon. In the end you’ll have to decide for yourself. Can’t imagine its anymore of a gamble than the RK server.

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I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t just close a server and all is lost. If they eventually close it. I bet they will merge characters like in the past.

They literally will not shut down RK19 lmao. Most money they’ve seen in years, and the server is poppin’.

Yea, if this keeps up too the end of the 12 month cycle, I can’t see them shut RK19 down, unless they shut down the entire game.

Since RK19 is froobless, it means that every character I see, including the multiboxes, is payed for in full. And I am pretty sure there is quite a few that buys funcom points as well.

Personally I have invested all my effort on RK19 now, and if I lose it, I don’t think I will build it up a gain on the old corrupted server.

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I have more then 1 month since I logged on rk5.
I just play on rk2019, lots of people lots of fun