RK2019 – The Server with a Run Speed Buff


I have been having a ton of fun on the server, lots of folks around of approximately the same level & not 220; plus trying to eek out the best possible set up for each toon without access to either expansions & their associated items or higher level toons with massive buffing nanos or equipment.

That said the server, which FunCom has stated will be running for at least a year, is only a few weeks old & already the level cap has been raised to more than 1/4 maximum per-expansions which I feel has resulted in almost everyone racing to hit level cap or cap -1 followed by some gearing & then before we can really enjoy the content as a community the cap is raised again making everything we just accomplished practically worthless minus the xp gained for levels & buffing items gained. And of course the fun we had in that brief time.

Instead of playing 5, 6, 7 or more different professions as the mood strikes it is slowly turning into being able to play on 1 or 2 toons, because by the time they are leveled & semi-geared the level is raised again.

I am fortunate as I work 4 out of every 8 days, and since the server was launched I have been playing many long sessions every day off. I am not a new player as my accounts date back to '02, but I feel at our current rate the fun is being slowly chipped away. Soon, within weeks at this rate, we will have a mirror of Live minus fRO0bs, billions & billions in excess credits & either the server will die out as folks return to Live where they can have 6 multi-boxing accounts (yes, we have all seen ‘some’ here on 2019) to get the stuff they want alone instead of working together to obtain things. There have also been confirmed reports of spoliting, mostly because people have forgotten they are supposed to report those through the proper channels instead of posting them publicly.

Shadow Lands will almost certainly cause an explosion of Shades & Keepers which will be fun, but as almost everybody will want to find an NT to level them on Hecklers/Mortigs we will be faced with a new level of bottle neck & infighting as we all know those spots simply can not support an entire server of people trying to gain xp at the same time, however if you don’t get in a group there now that the community knows this is the fastest way to grind xp, you will be left in the dust or possibly worse, if you aren’t part of an organization who can ‘hold’ the spot, you could be weeks behind as xp gained elsewhere is limited.

For those who have been vocal about moving the level cap up higher faster “Because people are leaving in droves!” or “This server is already dead!” & “People are leaving, because they are bored & going back to Live.” (all things I have heard in ICC chat). Well, it is their choice to play AO or not & it is their choice on which server to play much like it is mine & much like it is FunCom’s choice on how the servers are run.

FunCom has asked several times if levels should be raised this week & they have raised them week after week - with the exception of their announcement the current cap will maintain for at least 2 weeks. I, for one, would like to see this server move a bit slower as this isn’t a race to the top. We’ll get there & we have at least 11 more months to do so.

Take care & have fun,



It’s too fast to manage for more than getting my primary char and a box to level max every week.

Other people have more time to play and their feelings on all this should be considered too.

It’s a lot of fun while I can still sort of keep up. But, I’ve realized that my dream of 4 or 5 max level chars is impossible with my work schedule.

So your goal is to reach maximum level just as the server is shut down?
What about the people who like to make twinks?
What about the people who have already cleared the content miles above their level?
Should they play less? Should people like you play more? Perhaps more efficient?
I did Abmouth at level 9… I did aztur at 29, I did director at 45.
The intended levels for these encounters is 25, 60 and 100.
I have a full time job, a wife and a life outside AO…

Now tell me, what should I do?


Personally, I’m pretty happy with the pace of level caps. There is a lot you can do at 60. The main issue I’ve been facing in day-to-day gameplay is dungeons are SO camped due to everyone wanting the same items. It feels like I’m waiting in a long-■■■ queue to get any item I need because you need to roll between 5+ other people, which is quite demoralizing after multiple hours / days of retrying the same content.

I suppose this will continue to happen whenever the lvl cap increases and people rush on to the next raid boss to farm stuff.

I own a business. Am in a relationship. Have a new puppy. Stream. Etc. ETC.

I have 3 toons VERY well geared. Working on #4/5

Not a TON for me to do. But I agree with the caps being slower. Just like any discussion, there are many different opposing views and “sides”. I think the most important thing while having the (overly discussed) discussion is just to realize everyone has very different views and to just listen to each other.

I am having fun, and will ride this server out no matter what speed. But slow and steady is fun. Can twink and pvp a little more which is what I want to do.


Mortiigs and Hecklers are not the only spots to level at in SL. Never was, lately people just have forgotten about other spots :slight_smile:


TBH, tiigs and hecks aren’t even the fastest things to level with. Well hecks kind of are the fastest within certain narrow level brackets, but outside of those (which you grow out very fast anyway) there’s a lot better things to grind.

On topic however, I personally think that it’s going way too fast. I’ve barely been able to keep up with one character.

Like i also said in some other thread, i’d prefer them keeping the level lock at 60 for maybe four weeks total, but open SL after the first two.

Might be that i’m getting old or something, but i’ll never understand people who rush up to the max level and then complain that there’s nothing to do.

In AO there’s literally loads and loads of things to do and things to farm in every level.

And to the people who say that they already did abmouth, totw and foremans stuff at very low level, well, you were carried through those with a zerg. Now gear up and solo that same stuff. Zerging in a medsuit is not an achievement.


i wonder how you will complain about the same things, when we get to lets say 120+ and need to farm items for all the characters. items from not instanced bosses, with longer respawn timers and “only” couple of weeks time until next cap increase. then the whining will be crazy :smiley: when we get SL and everyone needs certain items like perennium mats and other stuff. at later levels it will get even harder to fully gear a toon within weeks with the items that are there at a certain level cap (respawn timers, non-instanced, needs).

as a person with job, family, etc. i can say the actual pace of rk2019 is just fine. at higher levels we will see how they manage things. hopefully respawn timers and loot tables will meet the servers future pace.


I think that our pace is fine. They have to balance a wide spread of demographics, from people who can level to the cap in a few hours to old players re-learning everything to newbies to people who are just casual or don’t have much time and can take weeks.

I’m having a good time doing things that actually require work again. Running out of nano ftw.

I think leveling level-locked armor is not a good thing. Leveling armor is dumb in principle and its stats are too good, even if you need to do dungeon bosses (which is fairly easy after day 1).

I agree with slowing the progression down. Fast progression only serves patting the egos of existing players, who will play whether or not RK2019 survives.

Fast progression does not serve the interests of new players, and it would behoove us all, if we want AO to survive, to make RK2019 as newb friendly as possible.


We all have different views and playtimes so no matter what they do, there will always be someone thats unsatisfied. balancing the level caps between players that play 1-2 hours a day and someone that plays 10 hours a day is impossible.

i do agree that it would be nice if a level cap lasted longer. not only for the ones that play less to catch up, but also so that the ones that play alot can spend time and creds on a toon without feeling its a waste.

but i also think they should have higher caps then 10-15 levels inbetween em. i wouldnt mind if the next cap is level 100 and it would stay for a month or two. but thats probably where some would disagree with me

and i dont think the server will shut down at all, i think this will become the new main server

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was like a kid at Christmas with the fast level cap raise. Glad They took the foot off the gas a little and left it alone for a couple of weeks. Hopefully the time in between raises with increase otherwise as stated above it’s going to leave the casuals and new players behind. Maybe raise it to 75 next and then leave it alone for 1-2 months?

75 for 1-2months? man what are you smoking? :smiley: there is like nothing to do after 1 week… or what does a 75 cap add? not much…

It keeps the old players on the old server, where they belong, unless they recognize the need to allow new blood to catch up.

Your arguments of “go to the other server” is ignorant at best.
Its broken and nobody wants to play there.
What we need to do is to try to make everyone happy.
Thinking the level cap will stay at 75 for two full months is just tedious, as it brings nothing new.

I spoke to some guys at discord yesterday about hopes for the future, and we all agreed the level cap should be raised substansially, and SL should be released sooner rather than later.

The argument “I cant play, so you should not be allowed either”, is not really a problem FC should take into account.

Now comes easter, and FC should fill our egg with stuff to do.
I think level 100, and release SL is the least we can do.
The casuals are already left behind, and if you have not reached level 60 yet, the ammount of time between level caps is not the issue.

If the casuals are leveling so slow, and cant keep up with the “elitists”, then you will surely have no problems finding groups for stuff anyhow, right?
We are after all a diverse group of people, with different demands.
It is after all a progression server, and not a casual-server.
If you feel you have too little time to play this game, you should talk to your boss or your wife about it, and not whine to everyone else who gets to play more.

You should also keep in mind that “the old” players is the reason this server exists at all.

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No, we don’t need to keep the old players happy with this new server (I’ve been playing since Aug 2001) if they were already playing, which I was not, until the new server opened.

Your argument is geared towards opening a new, unrestricted server. I have no arguments against it, but it would not have caused me to return. I would actually be happy if they did so, to keep people like you off of RK 2019.

I’m just stating what would keep me on RK 2019. And it’s not playing with people like you.

I didn’t start playing RK2019 until a few weeks ago, and deliberately stopped it’s leveling at 59.75 or so because I wasn’t sure if exp stopped entirely at 60, but by turning off exp below that, it definitely preserves the exp.

If I’m wrong, no worries. I’m only 0.25 level behind with guaranteed recovery later. So you have no cause to de-value my opinion because of level.

Although I’m sure you’ll find some other reason to do so.

Like you making up a “I don’t have time to play argument”. bleh

I think Funcom is releasing levels too slow. Holding a server at a level cap for two weeks will only result in multi-boxing MP parties or orgs to camp and hold uniques or other rare/wanted item for themselves or by selling lootrights.

Shadowland would divert some of the attention away from the few camped areas, but releasing levels and content in a faster phase would for sure reduce the congestion, kill stealing and hostility for areas like ToTW and CoH as of now (level 60).

lol… people need time to catch up? maybe those people with low amount of playtime should play 1 or maybe 2 chars and not all classes. the last cap increase from 45-60 --> gaining those xp for 15 level probably takes 1 evening, or 2 for a casual. farming 1-2mil for imps takes maybe another 1 evening for a casual. so… whats the problem there???

Like I said, I’m fine with them opening another, unrestricted server, in addition to the one they already have. In fact, I really wish they would, to reduce the toxicity on RK2019.

But I won’t be on it. I’d rather play with the people who want more time.