Ready for a higher level now please!

I’m really enjoying the new RK2019 server, but I think I’m ready for a higher level now. At this point, I’ve done all content including getting token boards capped out on 3 different toons and have nothing else really that I can do. It would be really cool if we could bump this before I have to go to work on Monday so that I have some time to play. As far as level, I would like it to be somewhere between 40-60? There’s not really a noticeable difference in doable content from those stages.



I don’t think you’ve participated in all content. We did a 36 man totw raid today with level 20s, including azzy trio. Plenty to do still if you engage with the rest of the community.

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I agree. Level caps should have probably been done in lots of 15. It feels a bit slow.

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I was apart of that raid as well as the SOM raid. :slight_smile: I actually was the main tank for parts of it.

I feel fine with it

Congrats on being able to get everything you want to get done done, but level caps went to 20 on Friday? I’m guessing for a lot of people there has been one, maybe two, slots of playtime since then. Please consider those of us who have only just had a chance to get started.


that sounds cool but however thats not how totw is supposed to be done. and not everyone enjoys doing group content even if its mmo. Wtb cap to atleast 60

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Funcom raises cap to 60. A thread like this is created within 2 days.

Personally I’d prefer if they take it slow initially. They already are pushing their initial plan faster, as the plan for the weekend was 15.

i know it is difficult to understand but think about customer service side. can you really force people be stuck running totw/subway for eternity? i already went back to live server and more people will follow me.

I know this is the internet and hyperbole is par for the course, but really? Level cap was just raised on Friday. It’s not even Monday yet.

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What would be difficult to understand?

People are progressing very differently, they have great variations in how many hours they can play. Keeping levelcaps keeps people together. Some may go to live servers sure, but raise it too fast and the pretty big (for AO) population playing now on rk2019 will fast split into small groups and make it harder for eveyone to get a group. So I understand that some might be bored; but it’s not like just raising the cap fast or removing it wont have any bad effects either.

exactly this is the problem. it has been already capped two days and people cant build their characters. people will loose interest more each day if they cannot go further.

people can use "looking for team " interface for making groups. it automatically shows you only those people who are in your level range. there is also ooc channel where people can ask for groups. + many other ways

That is not what I am talking about. Say we have a group of 100 people at 19-20 at the moment. They are all in the level range to do the same content.
Remove the cap.
Now 5 are at level 100, 10 is at level 80, 25 is at level 50-60, 40 is at level 40 and 20 is still just above level 20.
They can’t do the same content together. At least not meaningful for the ones on the higher end.

game has been around for 18 years and there has never been a level cap. Why it would it now be any bigger problem than before if there wasnt a cap?

Sounds like this server isn’t for you then, as you are going to feel this way at every level cap.

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/sign @Auctoria_RK1


We all know everyone won’t be happy…that said.

I like the slow roll out, but then I’m an alt-a-holic & this gives me the opportunity to progress a multitude of toons. This also brings the majority of the server together which is something Test Live really brought out a decade plus back before character transfers & instant leveling.

This is also a great chance to meet new friends, try a different side (or go for the best - Neutral), a different class or even break meta along with a bunch of other people. Even bumping the next cap to 25 would open a world of new things as so much stuff is >= 25 & keeping in mind FunCom has said this server will be open for at least 12 months (at least) do we really need to be max level on the first weekend?

Granted, AO is a linear game & it would have been, or would be, nice if there were more, for lack of a better term - dungeons, for us to run at various levels but this is what we have. There will be time later for those people who choose to sit idle while an NT levels them for hours on end with massive xp buffs etc.

For now, at least, this player looks forward to enjoying time on Rubi-Ka 2019 as it comes.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go roll up another alt.

Neutral Adventurer (all dimensions)

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its not only me, remember not everyone uses forums.

That wasn’t my point.

A server with progression mechanics (level caps etc.) isn’t going to appeal to everyone. The specific progression rate isn’t going to make everyone happy. All I was pointing out was that objectively the time available for most people to have actually played the game since the last increase has been very short.

Sure, if you have been able to dedicate multiple hours every day since the increase it might feel restrictive, but as someone who has had 2 hours this entire weekend they can play (and I don’t think that’s unusual for AOs demographic) the level cap progression pace isn’t currently a problem.

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