Poll: What level do you think the cap should be increased to tomorrow?

Link to poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/17605857

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I voted 30 because I’m excited to get my sided shoulderpads :innocent:

As someone out of town all weekend - I selfishly voted for 30. Don’t want to get left behind! The slow and steady pace works well as a very inexperienced player, but I can understand veterans rushing to the caps very quickly and feeling like there is nothing to do.

Where did you initially find this link? Doesn’t seem like they made it very well known.

It’s not an official poll. So even though it might be cool to see some numbers it’s not likely to change anything

Ah right

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I thought it was a bit weird that FC has yet to do any poll like this. Since they said that we, the community, would dictate what would happen on the new server. So I started this poll myself since I was curious what the result might look like :smiley:

They talked about polls in the stream yesterday. Basically; polls are difficult to do. Especially to get them out to a large enough part of the population.

They said that they might do a few polls in the future, nothing set in stone, but it would be for bigger things (SL drop maybe?). And they said we should not expect polls about small things like level cap increases.

FC could easily post a link in system chat on RK19, to a poll like this one, and get decent feedback from the entire population… But will they???

I voted 30, i like the idea of 10 levels/week.

That’s just not true though.

FC could easily reach out 99% of the players by using mail, posting on forums, facebook and ingame login message.

Just look at this poll. After 6h almost 200 people have voted in it. And I posted it on euro morning. Not exactly prime-time.

I voted 30. 60 would be my next choice. Frankly I can’t see spending the time and money on toons that will wipe in one year. Time being the most important resource.

and yep, their marketing is lame.