Level cap still at 10

I really hope they raise the level cap to 60 for the weekend. I know people are still having account issues, so they probably don’t want people falling too far behind, but there isn’t anything meaningful to do at level 10. I really want to progress my character with my friends.

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I agree, it needs to be changed ASAP or people are gonna get bored.


There’s still plenty to do, cushions, intel pistols, nanos, pvp. make a new toon, nova dillon.
They can’t up it yet as so many haven’t even been able to log in yet.

And you can always go back to RK5 until they do.

I don’t want it upped until most players have had a chance to log in and play with the rest of the L10’s

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that doesnt make any sense at all since even when level cap is 150 there are still gonna be those who have just started playing. or will it be 150 for like 2 months to let all people across world who dont know each other play with rest of the 150?

Exactly, just raise the cap to at least 60, otherwise ppl will get bored in the weekend.

for me its ok. dont have that much time to play :sunglasses:

keep lvl10 cap till next week :call_me_hand:

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Haha, yeah - #metoo



thats how it is today …

we r adults now… work, life, kids … time is rare :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

From Discord: " today at 16:01 Uhr(MEZ) - Servers are offline for the update. Thank you for your patience, once again. In addition to some fixes, the level cap will be raised to 20 when the servers come back up."


Well, Im ok with that! Good choice