Useless cap raise

Here’s to the next week at 60… and to the entirely useless lvl 75 barebones cap raise.

What does 75 get us??? 15 lvls in a dead spot in AO?? A new fixer hot that heals 20 more per tick? Who is ready for another three weeks at a useless stop gap in broken AO progression? So very disappointed in you FunCom. You are losing even more business due to your incompetence.

Have fun squirming slowly through these god awful slow lvl caps


That seems like an overreaction.

We can do more Foremans and Smuggler’s Den groups, at least. 75-100 isn’t going to be fun though.

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Extreme overreaction, but he does have a point. Not really any new content available and it will still be very hard to get any new weapons on. 80 would probably be better then they could do 80-100 next cap.

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I wouldn’t say it’s an overreaction. Many people were clearly getting bored of the extended time they gave us level 60 and as mentioned, there isn’t anything new 75 will give us. Based on their wording there’s more than just a level cap increase but I feel like there’s going to be pitchforks unless they are also releasing an expansion.

Ideally they would raise it to 100 and give us SL or AI for a few weeks.

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I would agree, that is what I want. However, I understand that people can’t play as much as I can so I am fine with any sort of raise. SL needs to be released soon though.

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Well, they did pause too long on 60, but it isn’t the end of the world. SL released before 100? lol.

Why not? The longer we wait on SL the more SL content that is irrelevant to the high leveled characters.

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And the more RK content will be relevant to anyone.

AI would be nice but its usseles now. i think no one not even big orgs can not afford the city so it would be AI without aliens

Who is to say RK content won’t be relevant? There is only so much you can do in both areas up to 100. If people want to play in SL why not let them? The people who enjoy RK more will still be in RK.

I agree that smaller orgs wouldn’t be able to afford a city but the larger orgs can definitely afford one with some collective farming. Releasing AI early would actually be good for all the people wanting to keep up with the power levelers. Not to mention it would give people (with cities) a reason to play every 2-3 hours.

Folks seem to forget that SL has been a good place to lvl. But most of the gear was eh… and everyone still runs RK dungeons for the gear and progress through it all.

When people think of SL, too often they assume pocket tanks and standing around at hecklers. That won’t happen because 1) level caps. You might lvl there? But many won’t and try to progress through quests and collecting gear they may need at the cap. 2) there are no 220 pockets! Hard to do pocket heckler groups when you have no pocket. There are lots of big things missing from the SL expansion atm. Many classes have key items that they are missing until SL (nt, trader, etc) and the balancing between many professions is way off without some SL content. The RK enhancements to melee based classes with crypt (battle rod is another example) is extreme. Melee classes will have access to weapons designed to balance perenium weapons from SL… while all others will be sitting dry. Unfortunately, we are playing current day AO, with all its balancing changes and gear, that are balanced and designed to go with SL! Without SL, it’s just an unbalanced joke with many professions left behind in terms of their progression ability.

We are approaching the half way point of 2019 rather quickly, and I personally was hoping for 60% or more of the year with late game in focus. That is what takes the most time. That is what is most challenging. The early game stuff is fun to revisit and do again, but I really don’t want to waste the year sitting at these low frustrating lvls where I can’t even progress through the drudge. Some professions excel at these caps, while others barely get by. The whole RK 2019 so far has taken way too long to move forward. This is the fast part of the game. This is the content that some folks focus in on later and make twinks for, but I have interest in the progression. Almost all of which happens at the 100-220 range in my book. I was just excited to break through the floor on this slow march or boring camping and waiting, and actually have something to work towards in terms or progression that matters for the characters in this server refresh. Everything we are all doing now is wasted time, as none of this stuff will make a difference to our characters by the end of this thing. Stuff done after 100+ starts to make long term impacts to character progression. That, and we really need these expansions rolled in really soon. Current 2019 is an unbalanced mess


Talk of AI before SL also makes little sense to me. We would rather introduce alien armor and alien weapon twinks to further offset balance before we unlock 2 professions, and massive parts of professions design and balancing?

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I love the current pace.


Do you have multiple accounts with a team of pets behind you to do fun and challenging things? What about the current pace makes you like it?

Perhaps you play one of the few profs that has a lot of content to get through at these low levels?

Either way. Today, tonight, and the last while a lot of people have stopped logging in. The pace is too slow for most people. I hope FC sees that, and decides to step it up a bit, and to give people a schedule to work around for cap raises, or to progress other content at a side pace fast enough to keep people busy and interested. Otherwise this thing will fail as people find other things to do with their free time. Just my 2 cents

Yeah it kinda sucks, i have not payed for another month. I am checking forum tho and will probably come back when/if we get lvl 100 and SL. If they keep draging along this paste ill just play something else i guess!

Me too.
Don’t have that much time to compete.
I’m fine with it. Got 2 kids and a 12h job. So it’s fine for me if I got 1-2h every second day to play.
Very nice pace for ppl with family and common real-life


In my opinion, ideal cap will be 100 without expansions, then maybe 125 (for Inner Sanctum).

Lv 75 cap is very useless, maybe dont even worth to lvl since u cant enter ToTW anymore…

I think that the right lvl cap and expansion progression will be:

100 NW
125 NW
150 NW
175 NW
190 NW+SL
200 NW+SL
205 NW+SL+AI
210 NW+SL+AI
220 full expansions

With the 2-3 weeks every new cap you will have 220 and full expansions in like 7 months

I put SL at 190 because before that the high lvl encounters like Mercs and DB Generals wont worth with all the SL stuff live.

So anybody wanting to main a Shade or Keeper is just out of luck hu? 190 for Shadowlands is a total joke. It needs to come out now.


What exactly in SL makes Mercs and DB not worth it? it’s still BiS items. Even the serpentine items we get from quests now are better than SL armor… The crypt of home weapons are basically balanced around SL.

SL at 190 also means we miss everything in SL before inferno, so that’s a horrible idea.

And yeah, keepers and shades.

And also, lvl 190 from missions or NT kiting borgs, oh my lord please no.