Please release shadowlands before everyone quits


My character literally has two buttons to press during combat. Missions are the worst part of the game and that’s 90% of what content is once you hit cap. I’m so bored. Please please release SL before anymore players quit. Also bring back old pvp titles and delete new ICC it’s unoptimized and laggy.


Hilarious. Thanks for speaking for all of us. Including the ones who are quite happy with the progression so far and those who do not want SL for a long time if at all. If you want to go press more than two buttons as you say then you can do so right now, for free, on the regular server.


You can say whatever you want, but there are clearly less players playing on RK 2019 now. SL needs to come now. There was just a poll on this site and 70% of the 100+ people that took it wanted SL at the 100 cap. It needs to come next week period.

All Shadowlands does is bring more options to the table, I’m not sure why anybody is against that.


You sir, are the vast minority. The vast majority want SL now


Perhaps FC has different data than us, but as far as I see, people want SL yesterday.
And everyone who claims otherwise should vote in the polls, speak up and sound their opinion.
We want it now, before the server dies…


I was against SL at the beginning, but i agree now, we need SL and maybe AI asap, and daily missions. Game is going boring AF and many ppl just quit till next cap. :grimacing:


I may have quit for good lol…hope not…

I got a year on my subs so Ill check in and hopefully they release something new that will draw me in. i.e. SL / AI / Anything?


Gief SL

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Yup I’m ready for SL

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Yeah should have been here with the 100 cap. Iv’e canceled both accounts, but i would come back for SL.

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I remember at the start of RK2019 a significant portion of people were begging for an RK-only server forever, which may well have made an impact on FC’s decision to delay it for this long.

Although I can’t speak for those people, I haven’t seen that opinion shared by people much (if at all) over the last few weeks. I think the reality may have hit some of those people - that there isn’t really that much to do in RK post lvl 100. Pretty much everyone I asked ingame (in my social circle) have agreed that they would like SL out.

Having said that, they should keep it at SL for a while and keep the cap at 200 (or even 150) for a long while. Perhaps releasing AI a couple more months down the road. Those two expansions will give players a HUGE amount of content (while maintaining a vastly different meta compared to RK5).


No thanks, I don’t want to see even a pixel of SL as long as possible, hopefully all the way up to 200. It’s a worst video game expansion in entire history of human civilization.

People talk about how much fun content SL will open and it’s hilarious. What low level SL content did you guys do on old server for last 10 years? Oh that’s right. Nasc hecks, Tiggs, ely hecks and then straight to Inferno missions. SL was so much fun that you were skipping 95% of it.

If possible I would prefer to see expansions being added out of order. If AI came out first it would change the meta so us pvp guys will have interesting challenge ahead of us to figure out new setups that never existed before, rather then repeating the same stuff we did on RK5 in exactly same way.

And everybody else still get more content to do.

My 0,02$ cause I’m bored during downtime.


yea becouse 170 gimp from elly can NP kill ice golem do items from inf boots kill tchu etc… and even if u did that its totaly easy for one team of 170 gimps to do inf misions


You cant compare old server leveling with rk2019.
I can say similar thing (which would be also wrong), like how much RK content did you do on old server for last 10 years? Oh thats right, almost none.
All I want to say is, that people could act differently on rk2019. And if not, they started asking more for SL lately anyway…


I left new aork2019 cos if I want to play as fr00b I can do it on regular server. Ive spend years as froob… SL has way more interesting mission (yea I hate blitzing/pointless missions) and I like SL content more :frowning: So I left new server for those ppl who wants to pay for fr00b life and went back to regular server. Its better for me to just create new char on old acc instead of new server :-/


SL adds a ton, to start with: perks, symbs / pocketbosses from all areas, questchains, nanos, alot of balance for several classes, 2 new classes to play, alot more items to craft, alot more items to farm.

More balance especially since we already have areas now based on SL like Crypt of Home and The Reck, both completely built around SL.

You get lots of zones, can lvl anywhere in SL, lots of good spots, lore, specializations, REP, we wont have outside tanks so can’t kite as easy as we can already on RK, wont have all items to progress to new zones like inf boots. It took years before we all went to INF at 160.

After that we also get endgame with zodiacs etc.

Now what will you do on RK to lvl 200? team mish or pay NT to kite borgs?


I would prefer if they enabled daily missions otherwise leveling to 200 would indeed be a nightmare.

Symbiants are worse than implants at this cap apart from the brain symb and even that depends on profession. Garden nanos are so expensive in gardens most people currently can’t afford them. Specializations and quests will be a massive ■■■■■■■■ with the whole server competing for items that drop from one mob with 5% drop rate.

So what will actually happen is everyone will powerlevel to next cap except on tiggs instead of borgs and then continue complaining they don’t have enough to do.

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Yeah but is that not what a MMO is about? Getting hold of new gear, lvls, finnally get that item or nano you wanted that is really rare, be able to do harder things, get to a new zone like inf thanks to getting boots, twink that stupid item on, crack that bigass boss with some m8s etc. What’s else is the point of the game?

And People can still powerlevel on hecklers in The Reck or kite borgs if they want so thats flawed, it’s even easier on RK. And if we do Tiigs instead of borgs well then we just got 1 more option, how is that negative?

And everything else you might name on RK (and it’s not that much content on RK left tbh) can still and will still be done with SL ye?


Stop exaggerating.
Symbiants starts to be useful at 100, brains even earlier.
Ely garden nanos are around 200k, Ado garden around 2 mil. People selling rk rolled nanos for 1mil.
I would not say nobody cant afford them :slight_smile:
Specializations are obtainable form quests now.


not that it will be easy for most players to get a decent set of symbians. Will likely see the RK implants equipped on most players until 150-175 if SL was released now.
Glad to see the Specs are given as a quest.