Poll for SL release on RK 2019 (Close April 30th)

When would you prefer SL to be release?
If it’s not in the choices below feel free to tell us !

  • As soon as possible (with lvl 100 cap 1th of May)
  • After lvl 200

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Shadowlands is an expansion that introduces content from level 1-220. This is not exclusively an endgame expansion like most other games have. I know a lot of current devs and people working at Funcom have not played AO but trust me, Shadowlands is a great idea and will allow us to do so much more in game.

After 200 is so late, it needs to come out before then. I understand how many want Classic but this is a progression server. Just my 2 cents / opinion.


There needs to be a 3rd option of ‘Never’ because the poll is what the voter would prefer.

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No, FC already started releasing expansions and it’s a progression server, so they will release Shadowlands. It’s coming, would you rather have it before 200, or at 200. Never is not an option.


I said yes, because by my experiese from original SL launch. Im one of those who mainly plays with just one toon… so killing endless amount of gray mobs for Garden keys what didnt give Faction points (if I remember right), was pretty boring. So I did stop playing back then, and I’d like to play SL rather than grind Rubi-Ka. I did 1K Token board when you just got 1 token per missions… so missioning tastes bad now too :smiley:

I can live without all the rest expansions, but I’d love to play SL.


SL now, please. Before half the playfields become irrelevant.


It’s coming with the 100 cap. I can feel it.


More RK content like the Reck to fill higher level content, throw AI in (as it rightfully should be part of this game) leave SL out because it is a big stinky pile of garbo that doesn’t match the rest of the game :smiley:

The poll is called ‘when would you prefer SL to be released?’ My answer is never so I am not voting on this poll as it stands. I don’t think I am alone in that regard so it’s already skewed.

Just release SL, there is so much content on RK 2019 that is based on SL so the “true RK” experience can’t happen anyway.

Everything we get on RK is better than SL items except symbs and perenniums, (melee and pistol got crypt of home and dogs of war (completely based on SL with perenniums).

Serpentine sneaking Armor are best in slot for almost all classes in all slots untill we got AI, so subway, totw, foremans etc will be fine aswell.

So nothing will change except we get more things to do, we get perks and symbs and more balance. We get lots of areas and quests, we get choice to be on SL OR RK to lvl. Every single raid will constantly be done on RK anyway.

RK will not die.

Please let us do SL before every mob is gray.


I simply turn the sentence this way because FC said it’s a progression server with all the expansion going to be released. Anyway thank you for your point of view.

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I only voted Yes, because it’s much better exp, the lack of which starts to hurt in the 200 range.

RK did, and will die because of it, as it has on live, where you can never find a group in Subway, TOTW, Foreman’s etc., as you could on RK 2019 as of two weeks ago, when I moved to another MMO.

Man I read this post and wonder do we even play the same game? Everybody I know levels in subway, totw and Foreman’s on RK5 because it’s faster and the items are better then SL. There might not be many groups purely because there just aren’t that many low level players.

Even if SL was released from the very start of RK2019 the leveling would have been almost the exact same, people would go to subway, get items/levels, dip into SL to get spec one and their key done. Back to RK to do totw, great items, and exp, at 60 head to Ely and start your key quest and spec two.

Leveling would be the exact same as RK5 you always do subway, totw and Foreman’s when you make new characters. Add in the sneaking armor from the quests on RK 2019 and EVERYBODY is going to do those dungeons as it’s almost best in slot and levels too 220.

SL never killed RK and it never will.



I think your definition of RK being alive differs quite alot from mine.

Prerty much the only reasons to go to RK with expansions would be to get nodrops you need from totw/foremans/IS. And to blitz nanos and other items you need.
Basically all lvling was done in SL

Brah, did I ever say that SL didn’t kill RK leveling? Leveling in RK was boring as heck. I did it with multiple classes back in 2001 to 2003 (SL release). Grind missions? Yay…? I said SL didn’t kill RK which it didn’t, there are plenty of things you still need to do in RK. Tokens, nanos, totw/foremans/IS/, dailys (now at least), Sneaking armor (RK2019), and other things I’m forgetting.

Leveling in RK sucks, at least Shadowlands gives you a few more options.


Leveling is also not that strong of an argument to not release SL on rk2019 with the cap.

I am for releasing SL as soon as possible.


You’re missing one or more middle options. There’s a vast difference between releasing at 100 or 200. Seems obvious to include 150 for example.

Your poll is flawed and biased then. You can’t get community feedback if you force a false dichotomy on the player base that doesn’t reflect the actual wants of the community.

Most people I’ve talked to don’t want expansions or want them much further down the line after (half a year to a year) of just RK.

That’s entirely a possibility as indicated by the devs on Facebook. And as long as the money is there they won’t shut down the servers in a year.

I say actually try to listen to the community. Don’t pretend to be listening while actually just putting forward your own ideas first.

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I don’t prentend anything, most of the discussion i had about SL was either “Right now” or “After 200” and maybe some “never” (which is exclude as FC said).
That’s the reason of this poll, i’m not that prententious thinking that my own ideas alone can make FC do a move in my favor.
If it was only about me, i would like SL to be already released with all the adjustment it brings, so players can choose and play on both RK and Shadowland; and shadowlands being release one at a time along with the new level caps.

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Reading a lot of “most people” “majority” “everyone” when in reality it depends on whom you are polling. Speaking from my experience, being in the largest Clan org by activity and game knowledge, we are all wanting SL. Even AI for that matter. I am not going to make the assumption that this is the majority though, because I have no idea. I have no way of polling everyone.