In-Game Poll for Expansions


“We now have an in-game poll available for those who log in to RK2019. Please vote for what expansion you’d like to see come first!” - since I’ve unsubbed while waiting for SL to appear on RK2019, I can’t see the options, and am interested to know what they are.

Obviously from the above, were I subbed, my vote would be Shadowlands as soon as possible (and not so obviously, AI and beyond not for many many months). The option of no more expansions clearly appeals to a few on the forums (for reasons I don’t understand), so I hope for fairness sake the option is there (Don’t choose it!). But I’d have thought the implied option of skipping SL and going straight to AI would be a bit weird: taking on aliens without SL perks and nanos might be challenging!

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Shade/Keeper can be enabled before shadowlands …
Shade can ONLY use spirits the class CAN NOT use implants … who wrote this poll ?


Someone who has never played the game after backyard?


What? You guys don’t want Shade and Keeper without perks?

Or shades with no items available to them? What’s the big deal??

We should just release LoX first. That makes the most sense obviously. We should also triple store prices. Is that an option?..

AI before SL will make all of SL’s gear obsolete there is a ton of interesting items, weapons, armor, and quests that are made useless with the intro of alien armies and weapons. Releasing AI first would be a complete joke.

I am canceling my subscription for now. SL is a month late at this point, and I struggled with the awful slow grind to 100. 125 will be hell, and will hold little improvement to most, considering everyone and their uncle are running around with their 200 pets and large amounts of BiS weapons. I am in the camp that believes FC truly has no idea at all what they are doing… Keeper and Shade can be released without SL… what kind of imbecile is directing this thing??


200 shade with no spirits in Lox area?


vote no expansions and get pumped for extra hard mode shade


Shade W/O perks? Thats sound like an excelent idea. Is there even decent piercing weapon? Oh wait, they can do martial arts! :slight_smile:


Man there is so much wrong with this Poll…


Spirit Siphon nano, works on RK mobs


You guys are so quick to winge and complain. The idea of including Shades and Keepers without SL is FOR US.

It’s for people that used to main those professions and badly want to play them on the new server. They should have done it earlier so that way people that mained these profs weren’t too far behind but at least it’s being considered.

Both of these professions are not THAT screwed over with RK only. Shades can use their spirit siphon nano to get spirits (works on RK mobs) and are now able to equip token boards and pretty much any armor everyone else can use and can use the 000 piercing weapons.

Keepers? They’re pretty much the same as an enf minus the ability to use a few nanos with spec 1 and 2 requirements.

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Spirit Siphon is not the issue, it’s the fact that every spirit has a SL tag thus cant be equipped until SL is released.

Add that shades cant access their 90% of their proc line only getting 3 of the lowest procs and no perks making them both the worst dps and fragile prof.

Keeper will be alright but I’ll pass on playing Shade without SL


All they have to do is remove the SL requirement on spirits and anything else that could cause issues, wouldn’t take long.

Spirit Siphon actually has a SL requirement on it so that would need to be done first haha.


omfg take your head out of your *** bro… If they releases Keeper/Shade without sl they does it for us? rofl… They belongs to SL expansion, period.


Thank you.


It allows you to not be 150 levels behind everyone else and allows for you to have your Shade/Keeper ready to go for when SL comes out.


Just stop, it is impossible to defend shades and keepers without SL. This is getting mental.


But they will be already 125 levels behind, so not right argument. And what would be shades role in a team, w/o proper equip and perks?


lol… Just lol :smile:


Shades and Keepers has nothing to add without their perks, it’s what they are designed around. Enabling them without enabling SL is just bullying for the people who wants SL to be activated.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the game with just AI or LE added, it could be interesting as well, the problem is that it doesnt add all that much new content. S10 isnt GS based I think, so that would be overrun instantly. City raids require really expensive cities and there’s no LE missions without LE.

If they enable just LE then we get Research and Battlestations, LE missions would be available but without AXP? OFAB Armor/Weapons/Nanos, so pure powercreep for any other content.