SL will Release May 29, or RK2019 will die

After re-reading my title it sounds like I’m holding a gun to RK2019’s head, but I’m not…the Lead Manager for Anarchy Online is however.

I say the “Lead Manager” as sort of a wavey-hands title because we don’t actually know the person who said “yea, ignore 70+ % of the community and let’s line up our anniversary event with the release of SL!”. So yea, whoever is making decisions for Anarchy Online outright refused to listen to the community, on a “community run server”.

Here’s the rub, I just came back 2 weeks ago after not playing for like 8 or so years. Got into a large, fun, Org. Been reliving a lot of my old stomping grounds, and then this poll comes out. Everyone got super excited we’d get SL for lvl150, and everyone was preparing to jump around SL again.

Then FC pretty much poop on the community.

Majority of comments being left on our Org’s discord are screenshots of people’s unsubbed accounts pages, people saying they quit playing completely AND unsubbed the moment they saw that June delivery date, etc etc etc.

Official Anarchy Online Discord is filled with “angry” players.

The Official AO Discord’s screenshot section even has people posting their own version of “unsub” screenshots.

In-game OOC is essentially “I’m quitting since FC don’t listen”.

Some of the people running vital in-game bots are disabling/taking down their bots in protest.

If you don’t release SL, when the community said they wanted it, on May 29th the server is essentially dead.

We begged you for years to open a new “progression” server, and then you muck it up completely. What in the actual heck dude?!


I keep playing. Rather it comes may or June.

Comes down to a piss poor job of communication by FunCom. The poll was written in a way that made it seem that whatever won would come very soon, which many people, including myself took as the next level increase.

And people saying don’t worry about it, it’s only one month. No, that’s 1/12 the lifetime of this server. The server was said to be one year. So one month is almost 10% of total playtime we have with this server. That’s a lot.

Yeah, I voted for no expansion, bu even as RK purist I gotta say that poll was handled quite poorly. 56% is not a landslide victory but it’s still one.

What’s more funny is that even the classic experience doesn’t work properly. They forgot to tune down Tarasque so she is actually killable by froobs as she is supposed to. Instead it’s Tarasque from the DeValos patch, when she was buffed up to fight against 220 players with full expansion.

So we get to experience a month more of classic, but the most important classic boss doesn’t even work.

As is tradition with FC, they start with a good idea then mess it up with poor management.

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They never planned on tuning anything down. I have been saying since the beginning that this is not Classic AO. This is a lvl capped Froob server of the current patch release of live. There are lots of encounters that are not tuned down to match classic AO, and the game is officially dead. SL was needed at the lvl 100 cap, and by the time SL rolls around after the 200 cap, it will be a race to inf for inf mission grinds. If people want to try and experience the rest of SL with a re-roll (sorry all the shades and keepers) there will not be the large numbers doing the lvl locked content like there could have been. The chances for fixing this are long past, and the death of all AO is imminent after this embarrassing insult to a game of nearly 20 years of life. A full release of the game with all expansions from day one, a literal second server at the same state as RK5, with extended lvl cap periods would have been a much bigger success. We could have at least progressed through AO, and it’s content as a group and community that way. There is 0 chance of everyone ever getting that now. Robbed


You take away the two options that would never have won anyway (LE/AI), most of those votes would have been Shadowlands. Landslide victory.

Sucks when you can’t do the content you want to do hu.

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56% is not a big win, but 24% is a big lose

I think it’s more “24% wanted no expansion, but 76% wanted SOME kind of expansion unlock, with 56% being the sensible people wanting the next expansion that is in chronological order”.

It also never ever made sense for SL to NOT be next. There are classes, mechanics, etc rooted in SL.

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They said they could release keeper and shade without SL, how is that possible?