Useless cap raise

Here’s what I think. They should just release SL now and put a area debuff for all SL areas that reduces XP gain by a fixed % (or all xp). That shouldn’t be so hard to implement, should it? In that way people would be able to do all things SL related; explore, find gear, farm cash, play a keeper or shade, receive the advantages of perk lines, just not level up while IN the SL’s, or at least level at a vastly slower pace than you would in RK.

Thing is that once SL releases it will split the community up which is bad and especially RIGHT NOW. So how do you solve that problem? How to create an incentive that will get players to return to RK? Yet at the same time allow players to enjoy SL content as well?

A much better idea would be to slightly nerf heck’s XP. Nerfing all xp in the zones are ridiculous. They are valid places to level and there is no reason to disable that for the entire population. SL is a great expansion with a lot of content everywhere. Seems wrong to make it all useless for any xp gain.

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OK… So if it is the way you are suggesting. Then what is it that will make you come back to RK? What does RK have that is gonna stop you from living in SL 24/7?

SL is without a doubt great. But if you have read through most of the forum posts, then you know that a ton of players wishes that the game remains RK exclusive (they don’t even want anything SL related in the game). They love RK, and they love how RK is so populated.

What should be achieved is a certain middle ground. To maintain RK being the meeting hub it has been thus far. Maintain it’s current population as much as possible. Because as soon as SL opens, a LOT of people are gonna move away from RK, PERMANENTLY. Which WILL create a less pleasant split in the community. How would you go about things to effectively prevent a split from happening? Some xp nerf to hecks is definitively not gonna be enough.

And also keep in mind that the game does not have active devs working on it, so it would need to be a solution that is super easy to implement.

You are forgetting that AI s10 lvl cap is 150 and s7 is 200. I really doubt that they havent released Ai and Sl at latest 150

Because the entire game is not leveling. RK is not useless content. There are plenty of items and encounters that are only on RK. Leveling in SL is fine, and for the most part, the current population seems to be too high for everyone to level in SL anyway, unless they are doing statics or missions, which is the same as people doing RK missions, they are out of the public eye. SL doesn’t replace RK as some people seem to think.

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But it DOES replace RK for many. Let’s be honest here. SL has better leveling grounds as well as better gear. One of it’s sole purposes IS to enable you to power up beyond what is achievable on RK. If SL wasn’t a big deal in terms of upgrades or leveling grounds then it wouldn’t be a big deal to just leave SL as a whole out of the game. Simple as that.

Also you did not answer my question. What is it that RK does better than SL that will make YOU come back to RK every time?

  1. I did answer your question. RK has dungeons that promote team play, where SL does not. You aren’t walking up to a random static in SL and finding a team. You can do that outside foremans, right now. Outside totw, right now. Outside subway, right now. You get the point. Hell, you could do that before this server, when population was decent. I returned to the game in April 2018 and leveled a trader through subway and totw with pickup teams. They existed and weren’t hard to find/create.

RK also has items that can’t be found in SL that are useful for leveling, even in SL. CDRs for example comes to mind. Those are some of the best weapons for basically every ranged character until they can use Dogs of War, which is also exclusively from RK. Plenty of items from unique encounters like Torrith the Ancient, Vermin Disposal Unit, Zuwadza, etc. RK is far from useless in any situation, even if it isn’t the best for leveling.

  1. If SL replaces RK for someone, why prolong it? It doesn’t matter if it happens now or in a month or two. If someone wants to never step foot on RK again, that is their choice and they will make it regardless of when SL comes out. Why are we holding them hostage on RK if they hate it and never want to return?

Well, i agree with everything Teeko answered to this and: SL is also just an awsome enviroment for alot of ppl, I love running around lvling and doing whatever in all those different areas. The lore is awsome, the design is awsome, It is very alive and have alot of different places and mobs you can grind and some questlines etc.

While RK lvling gets very repetitive with same kind of missions over and over, but i need tokens, so will still do them, and all the gear and raids from RK will be done by all.

And if there is so many as you say, that do NOT like SL, then there is enough of you to do team missions together for all your lvls if you like no?


We should have had lvl 100 and SL unlocked by now, Nasce and Ely have a great many quests to explore. The truly adventurous might want to get to Schoel and play splat splat with mobs/quests there too.

It’s all well and good saying “joe-slow” doesn’t want people to out level them and leave them with no one to team with but …
RK-2019 is becoming quieter everyday, because people are leaving the server to either go back to live server or; just not playing at all, holding out for a higher lvl cap/SL

People like progression, they do not like stagnation.

So “Joe-slow” is going to have nobody to play with anyway.

If the plan is to run for 12 months then the server is behind any realistic schedule.
I would hope people realise that 1-205 is equal to 205-220 in xp grind and the halfway point is very far away right now at lvl 75.
205 IS mid-level.
Also 150-200 is utterly mind numbing grind on RK, far less so with SL.

I’m at a point now where I don’t really want to play on 2019 either until it has at least lvl 100 and SL.
I started up a few new characters over the extended lvl 60 cap, lvled them to 60 and then got bored again.

FC wants feedback ?
That’s my feedback.


I completely agree with every word AO stream-Jesus aka Caloss2 has to say.


Well i dont like SL so early, but mostly agree what Caloss2 said. Nice feedback.

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I also agree that the 75 cap is completely stupid. It doesn’t open any new content. Just a completely unneccessary step that doesn’t even motivate to re-gear.

It does open a few level locked nanos for some professions. But no new dungeons and gearing up at 75 makes no sense whatsoever.

Typical re-gearing points have ALWAYS been:

  • 20-25 IF you want to solo farm abby.
  • 60 for totw (and because of the new title level at 50)
  • 100 For a lot of content on RK AND the new title level.
  • 150 For s10, Battlestation pvp etc… not sure if those relevant now since we don’t know if AI and LE are here at that point or not.
  • Somewhere around 170 to keep up with leveling content and pvp.
  • 190 because of new title level.
  • 200 because, yeah, it’s the last RK level and well… reasons.

After that it becomes more difficult since i tend to upgrade my gear almost every level after 200 but maybe 205, 210, 216 and 220.

So the level caps should follow those natural re-gearing points. Doesn’t have to be exactly what i suggested but something like that. Especially the title level changes should be considered because those really open up gear options etc.

And they REALLY should launch SL now. Or then just not release ANY expansions at all and keep this pure RK only. But if they are going to launch expansions it really needs to happen sooner rather than later.

In my opinion the next cap should be 100 and open SL at the same time up to Scheol.

No need to nerf Heckler xp or anything. Hecklers have never been the fastest xp/hour in SL anyway until Ado, and maybe not even Ado. Just the laziest. If you nerf that, the ones like me who do most of the leveling in other areas of SL will benefit greatly though.

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Hopefully they release SL with the 75 cap. The tweet did say “stay tuned for specific details”. Not sure what details there could be other then maybe SL being released. I’m actually ok with the 75 cap even though content wise it makes no sense whatsoever, IF Shadowlands was released with it. At least I can make a Shade and Keeper, farm symbiants and get my rings done.

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<<long time progression raiding guild player on EQ2, who cancelled playing EQ2’s latest expansion in favor of playing on RK2019.

I think AO should just open a new server, paid only (because obviously froobs aren’t enough to pay the bills), for those who don’t think progression is fun, that has no restrictions or caps, since there’s obviously a lot of people who want it.

I’ll stay on RK2019, as long as those who really just want a new server are not successful in getting what they want on RK2019. I might as well go back to EQ2 then, which at least has new content regularly, even though I detest the latest one. There’s also the original EQ, but that still makes my eye twitch.

lvl 10
lvl 20
lvl 30
lvl 45
lvl 60
lvl 75
This may be slow and steady, just like you want FC. But you’re not stopping at relevant lvls.

It would be better to stop at lvls that open up more content. Like this:
lvl 25 (max lvl for subway)
lvl 60 (max lvl for totw)
lvl 100 (max lvl for foremans, and appropriate lvl for CoH and new title lvl)
lvl 125 (min lvl for Inner Sanctum)
lvl 150 (max lvl for Sector 10, new title lvl, IP starts to get less tight here.)
lvl 175 (Unlocks Azure armors and a lot of other RK equipment and nanos.) *
lvl 190 (New title lvl! Unlocks even more RK equipment and nanos.) *
lvl 200 (Max lvl for sector 7, and RK)
lvl 210 (Unlocks alot of new armors, nanos and perks)
lvl 220 (Max lvl for Inner Sanctum. Also the game.)

These are more relevant lvls to stop at. And you could still achieve a slow and steady progress by just increasing the duration we spend at each stop.

*I would recommend stopping at only one of these. Since stopping at both might be a bit tedious.

P.S. These stops are good regardless of when you decide to realise expansions.

I do agree with your suggestion, as long as the intervals are increased accordingly.

I totally agree with what Caloss2 said here; i too want a steady progression that actually allows us to have time to get through SL in any realistic fashion. I want to be able to explore SL again and it will take a lot of time to get those shadowlevels.

I agree that lvl75 is a bit too low. I expected lvl80, and then lvl100 next week. When it comes to SL Im of the opinion that it should be delayed as much as possible. The reason for this is simple, once we have SL most of the RK content will become irrelevant/too easy. Since Funcom has limited resources when it comes to AO development, nobody is gonna modify anything. If we get SL before lvl175 most ppl wont bother doing mercs, smug/eel, and other RK raid bosses. With perks and SL items everything RK has to offer will become way too easy. Top guilds, or just a few guys with full team boxes will snipe Tara, Smug, and Mercs.

Imho SL should be used to revitalize the server at a later stage, not to kill off RK early, because some of us are bored.

Anyway, gather propositions, vote.

ok, The gear is pretty bad in SL besides symbiants and they dont break the game. The serpentine armor we get right now is better than anything in there. Sure we get perenniums, but we also already have the Crypt of Home weapons that basically was a melee answer to perenniums added after SL.

RK will still be BiS items, and all raids will be done. You will not be able to snipe Tara, Smug and Mers because you have symbs and perks. Again, lvl locks so no 220 tanks n docs… i think you forgot how hard those raids are without AI and LE etc.

RK will be fine, it will just be less team missions, but we still need Tokens aswell so yeah.

And also:

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We aren’t behind a “realistic” schedule tho. The server is a bit over one month old, and we are already at lvl75. Another month and we could be at 150. If this pace keeps up, we could be at lvl200 in 2 months. You could also speculate that FC’s plan could look something like this: 4 months for RK, another 4 for SL, and the last 4 for AI. One year for RK and both major addons. Or, if most ppl don’t want AI, 6 for RK, and another 6 for RK+SL.

At least from my point of view there is little reason to be salty. Im just happy to be able to play a relatively similiar version of classic AO.

edit: However, I do understand Caloss somewhat. He is a content creator, and its difficult to find new stuff to show ppl at the current lvl cap.