Why the level 10 Cap? This is why!

This was one my suggestions, weather they took it from my feedback or not is another thing.

The suggestion was to be able to give a soft launch in case something bad happen but also to give people a couple days to organize and get things working.

You might of heard a lot of people are having issues for whatever random reason is.

I would assume for Friday the cap will be wither 50-60. then increased say a week later to 100.

Of course the demand of the players can influence this as well but I hope you can at least survive the level 10 cap for 2 days max I would assume for the weekend.

I like the level cap. It gives people a chance to explore the arrival hall, make some creds, roll some concrete cushions, make an organisation, set up chat bots, and many other things, and not be immediately far out of teaming range from the rest of the players.

Maybe I’m slow or casual (I don’t feel I am), but my idea of the pacing would be something like:

  • Level 25 after a week
  • Level 50 after two weeks
  • Level 75 after three weeks
  • Level 100 after a month
  • Level 150 after two months
  • Level 200 after three months

As for expansions…

  • Notum wars; whenever really, maybe after a week already?
  • Shadowlands; the later the better, or not at all. Definitely a few months after the level cap of 200 though. :slight_smile:

I would like a timeline like that too Saavick. gives people time to level up then spend some time at each to explore/twink/do old content/etc.

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could also add to that list what people are supposed to do for example at level 25 for one week lol(without getting bored). This level 10 cap should be only cap. To me it feels like im playing some ps1 demo game with being restricted to certain area /level while paying full price.

I know from your other posts you don’t enjoy the same things as me, which is fine, we can both give our feedback :slight_smile:

If you’re genuinly looking for ideas on what to do, here’s what I would like to do in a week with a lvl 25 cap:

  • Actually reach the level cap
  • Get at least 1m creds (necessary for other goals)
  • Equip at least a 4 slot belt with some respectable NCU’s
  • Equip a set of Ql50 implants or higher
  • Get the relevant nano’s for my profession
  • Get totw loot (very excited about this with a 25 cap)
  • Get parts for the sided shoulderpads quest
  • Blitz me a treatment rifle, a pair of galahad beyers and some other stuff
  • Get the Notum Hood of Bobic
  • Camp some dyna’s or mission bosses for nova dillon, sekutek, kirch kevlar, etc

I could think of many more goals to improve my character. Besides that, I would also like some time to just socialise and hang around in the cities and cast buffs on people and maybe tradeskill a bit.

thanks. i will try those.

Why repeat or do what you can do on normal server?
Blows my mind,I guess ppl have alot of spare time…
Normal server already have low population and Funcom decides to divide even more.
Why waste time with this new?
Fix and upgrade normal server.
Reduce monthly payments. More players.
Make or upgrade breeds,graphic design.
Make new planet where we can go to space and use spaceships, mining,more craft,houses…l
So many options

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I’m ok with the cap.

I have 10 chracter slots I need to lvl to 10…
Make money to buy nanos

Get to 10, log off, roll a new profession!

Took me like 3 or 4 hours last night to lvl up, buy my nanos etc…
Tonight, gonna do my next chracter :slight_smile:

while I would love all of that too, it woud require serious dev time/attention vs opening a new server which is probably, relatively easy in comparison.

but as for ‘why repeat or do what you can do on a normal server?’, the new server is different. everyone is level 1-10. subway is packed with 100+ people. its a different experience than live where everyone is level 50-100 within a day. its a different experience. try it out.

And this is how FUNCOM finally managed to kill this game. Why this server? Why old and progressive content? Because some people have nostalgia? I am going to give FUNCOM a free tip… The people which might have that nostalgia (GOD forbid I really don’t know why you will have that but …) are now almost 20 years older. They don’t have the same amount of time to play. They still enjoy to do it from time to time but it has to be more concentrated. FUNCOM with this decision diluted even farther RK population. I know few old time players which I could bet will remain in this game till one of them (they or the game) die, are planning to leave (and this is upsetting).
Funcom destroyed RK economy thru bad decisions, bad management of exploits and now they hope to do what? I cannot wait to see how long will be for credits on the RK2019 server to become available to buy online. As long as someone is willing to pay they are going to be available.
What Funcom did is more than wrong. I bought for all expansions. I know people which choose to not get all of them or to get none. They practically put everybody on the same level. and They still hope people will pay more. I got over the time with the subscriptions different bonus items which are available on RK server for any new character. Funcom decided to not make them available on the new one too and they actually offer you new items with if you subscribe for another year! What happen with the old items you thiefs?
There is nothing which you can do on RK2019 and you cannot do on RK. You want to have the pleasure and the pain to be poor? Create a character and just not transfer any credits from your alts. You want to be Fr00b? Just create a froob account. But don’t force on me this! Do not have any illusion they didn’t do it because they like you? NO! They did it because they like your $s, and they hope over the next year they will not loose more clients then the extra sales which they just did!
Since they started this crap the game on RK (which was slow before) is almost dead. There are still players but… when you barely have players to keep alive one server guess what happens when you split that population. It doesn’t need to be a genius to see this! - and HOT update sounds like exploit fix. (for sure they will not fix the new client which crashes at random times… not the returned lag… not the inconsistencies in the content or they don’t do this to gives you back what you paid for… no… since the servers were working only a big exploit could make FUNCOM to to that close after a release another big one!

+1 to OP.

I think Nostalgia is a pretty big factor for the people who have subscribed already.

I haven’t played at all the last 15 years, I hopped on once or twice and tried to get engrossed and it didn’t work. All players felt too spread out, game had a difficult learning curve beyond missioning and levelling (and was famous for it).

I’ve known and heard about the bad decisions Funcom have made, I even remember when AO was first released from retail and there was a significant memory leak problem amongst other things and it caused a lot of unhappiness. I still ended up playing though because the opening environment and people felt so alive.

And that is where I came back - for the fact of good times I had, when Subway, OA and West Athens was busy and active and everything felt alive. And thats where a lot of MMOs fall start to fail , even Blizzard have made huge mistakes with Warcraft (flying for all of Azeroth? Talk about dispersing players… - Ruthless PuG groups that will kick casual players etc and more).

You need to create belonging and closeness for a community to thrive and this will very much do that or at least help. I hope the pace of cap increases and expansions is well thought out.

well lets see how packed it is two weeks from now after start up hype dies

I’m kind of glad for the level lock ATM. Considering I can’t play tonight till tech supports gets off their rears and does something about the account bugs, several of us would have been left far behind.