Feedback: The lvl 60 cap is too low, and leaves too much gameplay on the table

Honestly, I got to level 60 in under 3 weeks of very casual gameplay. The PC version offers Mods that allow you to elect to expand upon that. That console version does not. In either version, there really aught to be a way to increase the level cap to not leave so much gameplay on the floor. For big clan games, the level 60 cap might work. For solo or small friend server play, a LOT of gameplay is unavailable without constant respec, and really, really imbalance character development.

Please consider implementing a way to opt in to larger caps for levels and stats… Default to level 60, make official servers level 60, but please offer everyone else the option to increase it.

In solo game go admin mode and place the lvl you want, you will get some extra attribute points.
Now about lvl 60… The game starts at lvl 60, to go to this lvl is just a primary target, the game begins from lvl 60. It is discussed a million times yet a million one.
In any case if they add some levels I have no problem, but it will effect a lot the balance of the game. But no problems by me, I like new challenges.
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Hey, @Archon_SD, welcome to the forums!

Can you explain what you mean when you say a lot of gameplay is unavailable without constant respec? What exactly are you respeccing constantly?

I’m asking, because there are already tools in the game to help manage that. If you’re using the yellow lotus potion, then yeah, that’s painful, but the good news is that you don’t need to.

If you want to change your attributes (e.g. strength, vitality, etc.), then you can drink the Potion of Bestial Memory and it will reset only your attributes, while leaving your feats intact. I do this on a relatively regular basis and it’s relatively painless.

On the other hand, there’s a potion to reset only your feats without affecting your attributes – it’s the Potion of Natural Learning – but I’ve very rarely needed to do that, because I can expand my total number of available knowledge points by consuming Fragments of Power or, even better, Tablets of Power.

Raising the level cap is a problematic proposal, because the balancing of the vanilla game (i.e. without mods) relies on the maximum attribute point pool afforded by the current level cap. If people were suddenly able to get all 5 perks in all 7 attributes, that would severely unbalance the game.

I hope this helps, let me know if I missed the point :slight_smile:


I have my exp gains set to 0.3/0.5 or something, Feels more like default CE, before all buffs they kept doing…
So easy get to 60, I had knock it back myself everytime they updated it. (I get that more player wanted to get to “meat” of game… or maybe just stream roll it with lv60 gear. Or not get murder at lv30 against lv60. Makes since for pvp servers. Not so much PVE.

I do agree… it be nice if Level went higher. 60 can be “end”, for stat gains. I’d love to see lv65, 70, 75 etc get some deco or layer’d armor.

I find more incentive to explore and do map before I have lv60 gear, then after.
hence why I restart alot of times.

I think default exp gains are just to fast…Thats me.

I enjoy Soft caps, So long road to 61, let alone 100. Always makes my brain think theres progress to be Had.

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Yeah same here. But I wouldn’t wish to impose slow progress on those who don’t like it (I received enough hate for less controversial opinions :rofl: )

^^this. This is so right…

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For some people! For others, the game just ends at lvl60 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks for your opinion though :slight_smile:

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Well for players that love extra levels exist the private servers :stuck_out_tongue:

Moving thread to Feedback.


Personally I feel that the current cap of level 60 is in a good place. It is nuanced, encourages specialization and experimentation with different loadouts. One thing I would like to see added to the leveling system is a Prestige option, which will return us to level 1 and allow to replay the process. It would be a alternative means to earn additional feat points along the way. I miss the fun of the leveling process.


I don’t want the extra levels. I just like it when I progress slow and not reach the cap.
As I said, I don’t tell anyone how they should play, so neither should you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Or legendary skills!!!
Omg this is such a bad idea. I would spend the rest of my life playing :rofl:


Come now Halk lets be honest with ourselves here: were going to be playing it for the rest of our lives anyway. Might as well enjoy it to the fullest!


If Crom wills it!
Sometimes though, I can’t help but worrying: what if they really break the game and decide to abandon it? It’s not the 80s anymore where we can keep storing the floppies and look for emulators to run them on newer OS!

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If you go to admin mode and make yourself 70 level you won’t get many attribute points - it’s capped at 12 attributes plus which is nothing and no, game does not start at level 60.

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If they lifted the cap, they’d have to “rebalance” (yuck) the game around the new cap.


I’m surprised this word is even allowed by the profanity filter :rofl:


It certainly makes me gag.


The game doesn’t start at 60, but it does open up significantly at level 60. You can’t make epic weapons and armor before 60.

Im personally not a fan of raising attributes with more levels. I don’t care so as much about feats, as we can already exceed the feat cap, but it would devalue tablets of power

I don’t object completely to adding more levels, but I would rather see something more interesting, like every 10 levels you get a special perk that are all cosmetic based.

For example maybe one could let you keep cosmetic war paint until you choose to remove it. Maybe another could unlock hair dyes for the player character.

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Id like to see perks tied to a combination of attributes, like 30 in two things gives a benefit beyond what they give individually.