Increasing the Level Cap as a Gameplay option

I KNOW there are mods that already do that and I KNOW that I can also make potions that can reset my points, before someone posts that.

The point is the current level cap is not only limiting us as players at how strong we can get, it is also limiting future content for the game.

Right now the Singelplayer and often also the Multiplayer approach is to let the Thrall do most of the work while we just support him from behind because the characters are in the best case “glass cannons” in the worst case completly useless comparison to a thrall, since even a player with a “Tank build” has way less HP then most of the Thralls even the bad ones.

That also means that the deffs have a hard limit on how strong Enemys in Future updates can be without slimply slaughtering us with a singel hit.

It would also nice if we get some more attribute points with each new level but if it screws to much with the game balace it would probrably be enough if our character stats raise a little bit with every new level.

It would be nice to have the opportunity to fight strong enemys without the need of an Restat, or hide behind a Thrall, or the use the good old “die by a thousand cuts” strategie.

I know we can’t be tuff heroes as strong as Conan because of the game setting, but we should at least be as strong or even stronger than our freaking slaves. ö.ö

It seems to be a little bit unclear for some people what my intend for this topic is, because of that I try to rephrase it in a way that makes it maybe easier to understand.

I would like to see a Level Cap increase do give players like me some sort of progression besides collecting an endless numbers of Thralls and endless crafting.

But since some survival game purists seem to be deeply afraid that this would completly ruin the game, I’m open for a simple compromise.

How about if the level cap could be changed in the Gameplay options?

The default setting would be Level 60 but with the current amount of points you can get.

But Players and Server owners could get the option change it how they seem fit, how many levels, how many points per level etc.

People who want a greater challange could even reduce all the values if they want to, it would give both kinds of players more Freedom in the way they want to enjoy the game, and would make us less dependent from mods that do the same thing but may or may not be updated in the Future.

We can already change how much exp we get or how much resources we gather or how much damage we get, I don’t want that we can just 1hit everything at some point but I would like an option that makes all the endless killing and crafting feels a little more rewarding.

I think if this where made as an option that people can chose but not have to, would make it a
win–win situation for both sides.


I agree with a level cap increase and your reasoning for it. However i would add to that reason. The most exciting part of CE for me is the feeling of risk and reward. “The Climb” for a lack of better terms. However even with lower than default XP settings you reach max level long before you reach end game content. Ive seen alot of my players get bored when they cant lvl up anymore, and for an RP server its not good when your players are loosing interest before they really get a connection to their characters. That being said I would increase the level cap to somewhere between 80-100. With that lvl cap increase the XP requirement to lvl up would almost double with each lvl after 60, you get 3/4 the usual increase in ATT points, and you no longer gain feat points. So lvls 61-??? Would be harder to acheive but would give just enough att points to allow players to allocate points to both offense and defense, as well as prolong the feeling that we have something to strive for in game.


That a werry bad ide, if they do that all things they have made no will be useless lowlevel junk. And they need to do everything new again.

Just lock on what hapend white stuff in WOW when they increast the levels!

I disagree.

I think the sentiment makes more sense in an MMORPG, but not a survival game.

I do think the balance between the slave and the player is ridiculous, but then again in RPGs, tanks can have 20x the health of a mage or healer.

But still, I think the practicality of the player strength and health at level 60 seems more than modestly greater than human (say, Captain America). I think I’d like the game less if the level 100s were basically the Hulk.

Aren’t opinions grand? :slight_smile:

Ok let me ask you this once you hit max lvl about how long on average before you decide to recreate or change servers. Im not saying those lvls should make the character super human in fact quite the opposite. Frankly i could care less about the stats that others seem sooooo obsessed with, i just want the thrill of the adventure to last longer before it becomes stale and stagnant.

This kind feeds into my point. I actually don’t re-roll near as much on this than I did on MMORPGs. Because there’s no need to. All characters are basically the same. If you make it 100 or 500 it’ll still be the same at max level.

BUT, I think it puts the focus on new content being interesting and challenging. I don’t need more levels for something to be new and exciting. or feel rewarded for the accomplishment. A well crafted encounter is just that.

What I do like is that, at max level, you can’t do everything at will all the time. I like that every time you respec you have to pick a new, targeted set of abilities and feats–but never all of them. Given enough levels to have all feats, I think, would take something from the game.

Yes i get your point, but you dont seem to get mine, without higher achievement you cant have higher challenges. Im sick of dungeons i can run with just a thrall. I want a challenge that gets my blood pumping. But until they up the Player Character whats the chances they will up the boss difficulty without the snowflakes crying “NERF IT”?

It’s fair enough.

For all of us who suggest changes, we risk the following: “it seems like you really want a different game”. I risk this too.

I guess we want different things. “Higher achievement” and “higher challenges” seem unrelated to a progression ladder to me. For me, higher challenges are new encounters that are different–that make me think and use the tools I have to get past a harded foe. To me, achievement is just what I measure for myself. I don’t need numbers or first kill achievements to tell me I’ve achieved something. The way it’s done in other games aren’t here, and I like that.

I played WoW since launch and I’ve been a part time WoW player for 10 years. And I’m not a full time player because of those things–that I’m interested in “end game” that is about content, not gear ladders, point ladders, etc. In Conan, it’s just about playing.

Frankly I’d not be upset if they got rid of levels completely. Maybe.

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the problem is not the max level, just that you level to fast now in this game. But its a good thing to stay on the same max level, then everything in the game alresy done dont need to be redone and no waist on old max level stuffs!!

run them with no thrall


Yes or whit a frend.

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The thing is Conan has maybe some risky encounters but most of them are not realy rewarding, you may get some more crafting materials from some bosses and maybe an item that will end on the dismantling table anyway and recipes from stone tablets that will make me farm for some more time, but the only realy outstanding and realy rewarding thing I got was the heat isulating shield because it is perfect for the Vulcano.

I think it would be nice if we get a level cap increase, to make us stronger in some ways to make it less tedious to fight some of the Bosses we have already killed a hundreds of time by now because we need something from them for some tedious crafting or what ever, so we can focus on bigger challanges.

To have the feeling that we achived something and to have some kind of progress.

Happens to most of my friends, they just get the feeling that they have nothing to strife for anymore except for making the item that ends the game.

One of my only friends who is still playing conan loves that he can at least Level the Thralls and pets because it gives him something to do besides endless farming and Crafting.

Your suggestion sound realy reasonable. :slight_smile:

But for the people who think it is a bad Idea, how about a compromise?

What if they just add higher level caps as optional settings in the game?

So people don’t have to rely on mods that may or may not get updated, and people who want to play with the classic max level can play without changing the setting in singelplayer or on servers who don’t use higher level caps.

As many people already said, this is not an MMORPG.

There is a reasoning behind level cap in MMORPG that is not shared by online games that are not MMOs.

When WoW rises the level cap is intended to prevent people who do not run the content to be as competitive as those who do, and therefore move the economics of power in the game. This is not the case in Conan Exiles.

We would not even need levels in Conan Exiles, if not because people are used to it from other games. The levels in this game are just benchmarks for organizing Stats and Feats, and do not “inflate” with added content. The nature of the game is not propel you to “grind”, therefore it does not need level changes.

I have a mod that introduces 100 levels, but that is not because of content, but because I have setup my server to the hardest possible, and affording people to max all stats, they have a chance to at some point do everything a regular server gets you to do with only the stats the core game affords you.

A server that runs “normal difficulty” hardly need any level mod.

It’s not an MMORPG but it is still an RPG, and I’m not the only one who wants at least the option of an Higher Level Cap.

Level 100 Mod currently almost 4K subscribers.
A mod that ads 350 Levels but also slows down the progression, this one has 15K subscribers.
The Paragon Leveling Mod over 146K subscribers.

That are some examples that clearly show that there is a lot of players who want this kind of content, but most users just use mods instead of asking here for a change.

And like I said it don’t even have to be a complete balance change, they can make it an optional setting like the damage and exp settings, so purist who demand that progress has to be stopped at level 60, can have their fun, while others can level some more, I don’t see any problem in that.

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I can point out thousands of videos that say, wish or demand that the Earth to be flat.

That does not prove the Earth is, should or can be flat.

The problem of raising level cap in the core game is this is not needed, and would not add anything to the game by itself.

Not even the games which raised theirs kept it risen.

WoW now has less levels than it had in WotLK. Guild Wars rose it once and never again.

And EVE doesnt actually have levels.

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What has the delusions of a group of insane people to do with this discussion?

It would add some more progression to the Game and would make the constand killing of creatures and bosses feel for rewarding for example.

You said it by yourself Conan is not a MMORPG, but why do you want to compare to them?

I could understand if you compare it to other Survival games or other kinds of RPGs to make a point, are you so desperately searching for a reason why the devs should not add an OPTIONAL SETTING to that you would not need to use, that you ignore your own argument, because you just won’t want other players to have something you don’t like or something?

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delusions of group of people who doesn’t get how things are

Thet have not changed the max level in Age of Conan and it works fine ther to, and the old stuff is still usefull.

Never played age of conan so I can’t say much about it, but as far as I know are Age of Conan and Conan Exiels completly different games except for the fact that they are both a set in the Conan world.

I really wish people would stop using WoW as an examples, one its not even the same genre and its probably the worst and least interesting game ive ever played. CE is a SURVIVAL RPG, the point of the game is to instill a sense of dire circumstance and dread that adheres to the core story of Conan lore. Truth be told I dont get that feeling anymore. The game has been nerfed and balanced so much i can solo the warmaker without a thrall. The challenge is GONE. The way i see it the only way Funcom can justify making creatures of a higher difficulty without some people crying about it isby raising the lvl cap but with extremely reduced benefits per lvl past 60.