Toggle max level 60-140

Please let us have the option of choosing if we would like to keep the level cap at 60 or change it to 140. I’m a perfectionist and in games I like to get all stats and max out everything but I cannot do that in Conan. I’d really like to have the option to do so on ps4. I really wanted to rent a server but if I can’t control the max level stats attributes and feats there really is no point. Thanks for listening :grin:


The game isn’t balanced for you to max out on the perks. It would just break things.

the perk are (idealised) about choice & diversity of build. Appart from a glitchy way, they are not ment to be used all at the same time.

i would even suggest the oposite, toggle the lvl’s back to 50 !

if you are on PC, i think there is a mod out there. Console not so lucky.

I too wish there was an admin slider for this. But i fear that it may be due to being exploitable on officials it may never happen.

There is a mod all the way to 300 but as a default it be nice have. I can agree with the thread.

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I think the current default is better for variety. Yes there are META’s, but not everyone plays the exact same. If we had all perks as a default max, then there would be no variety at all to each character.

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It definitely works better when you can’t have it all. Otherwise everyone would just be all 50 stats (yes I’m aware there was an exploit recently that allowed that anyway, but thankfully that got fixed).

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