LEVEL 300 CAP instead of 60

I don’t know why we don’t have the option to decide to have a level cap at 300 instead of 60, at least soloplayer, or in private servers.

Also, I would love to be able to play with some of my friends in xbox that don’t have pc’s to be able to use the mods for the xbox. They have the series X so their console should be able to run these mods without fail. I would love to be able to crossplatform. I have this game in xbox as well as every dlc in PC. So I invested alot into this game. Please see about making this happen. The mods are what makes this game so versatile to new ideas and creations, allowing us to do things that other games cannot do. Hook it up dev’s. Thank you.

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What would being lvl 300 get you that you cannot get from being lvl 60?

More attributes points so you can reach perk 5 in all attributes. More feats points so you don’t need to use Tablet of Power or to eat Fragment of Power to learn all the feats.
Well, your character will be a true god able to Conquer and Dominate without any effort. For building you’ll still need to grind the materials. But I’m sure people so focused on power gaming will find a way to away that.

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Yeah, w9nder why SP and privates d9nt have that as an option for admin.

Bump. One of Conan Exiles biggest weak points is it’s lack of proper gameplay loop. A simple fix would be to enable the learning of all the perks.

The skill system as it is feels very underwhelming. Funcom took a great step forward when they added tablets of power so that players could grind and attain all of the recipes. Now they need to do that same thing with perk points.

A simple solution to this would be to make it harder, and harder to acquire levels. Perhaps even prohibitively so. Having, 3 or 4 perk lines maxed would be the norm, pushing 5 or 6 would be rare and only occur on players with thousands of hours of play time.

I know that some people have their concerns about balance, my response is simply… It’s good to reward your most loyal and hardcore gamers. If they can do everything you can do… AND double jump, who cares. If that means they get away or out run you, or win fights twice as often… it also means they played hundreds of hours more then you. Blaming it on a perk along at that point is a bit of a stretch.

Balance, schmalance. Game loops retain players, players mean a community develops, communities keep servers populated, populated servers mean more players. It’s a self sustaining effect. Conan is lacking it, unfortunately. There are many ways to address it, this might not be the only, or best way… but I would certainly take the time to grind out more perk points on my character if I could.

P.S. I only like to play on official servers, which is why I support this. Or a version of this.

You can get an experience kind of like this in private servers by reducing xp rates. I too enjoy the leveling experience and don’t hate the thought of it being longer.

This would be hard to implement on officials though given how easy it is to wipe and drive people off of servers. It would make the loss that much greater and increase the power differential between a new player and a server dragon (person/group with a treasure hoard and every reason to defend it).


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