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I’m new to forums but I have been playing Conan Exiles for about a year now, started on console switched to pc. Until recently I didn’t realize there was a level cap to the game. Upon investigation I came across a forum discussion regarding this topic. So I felt I would input my suggestions for solving this debacle.

First I wanna start by saying I see both sides of the argument, MP vs SP, I can see the pros and cons of both. For MP servers the level cap is not an issue because it forces groups to work together and think carefully about individual character builds. Where as with SP this is an issue mostly due to players wanting to master every feat and max all stats.

So my idea for solving this is simple, to me anyway, increase max level cap to 100, however set feats point cap to level 60 and stats point cap to level 75. By doing this SP and MP still have to choose specs carefully but both will be satisfied. Now as an added edition to this give the silver and gold coins a purpose for instance as a tribute at religious altars, for example derketo would grant buffs or boons to stamina, and so forth with other religions. Another option for the coins would be to have friendly bearer npc’s that act as traveling merchants to which you can trade coins for wares whose tier is allocated to that of the bearer and randomly occurring.

The other option I had in mind would be to have thrall come with preset craftables once placed in a work station, also once again allocated to the tier if the thrall. But in order to balance this all workstations would no longer require feat points more simply unlocked by level. With restrictions on what tier thrall can be placed within them. Last but not least building supplies that can’t be obtained thru crafting could be bartered for in friendly npc cities. The last thing would be to balance coin drops from fights based on the tier of the enemy with named enemies having the 1% or 2% chance of dropping highest tier items.

Just a question: what would a level cap of 100 achieve if you couldn’t get feat points beyond level 60 or stats beyond level 75? Wouldn’t this effectively mean a level cap of 75?


I’ve been here for a while now and this is the first I’ve heard of this ‘debacle’. Do you have a link to it?

BTW, there are lots of mods that offer increased level caps, so those wishing for that can always abandon official servers for private and tailor the experience exactly how they way. Me personally, I’m fine with the current level 60 cap, especially now that we can unlock additional skill points via Fragments of Power.

Maybe a simple option for singleplayers to increase the level cap, and give some feats more would help, and avoid have to install a mod (more) to adress this.

While on server this is less an issue, like you say, i can understand the trouble for singleplayers. I love mods, but it’s still fine when there is no nead for one using a simple setting and option.
I think anyway, singleplayer would need bit care in this way. It’s mostly made with multiplayer in mind, and often seen from the pvp side.
I try mostly in my tests to look at each side and playstyle, what isn’t still an easy thing to do.

Why take the developer’s time away to make something for single-player that is already available though? The level of vetting that has to go into anything the devs do is many times greater than what mod authors can get away with. I’d much rather they spend that time fixing bugs or improving features that will benefit everyone rather than just a small subset.

Also, the moment they add something like that, then the forums will be filled with people complaining and feeling they are entitled to have it their way right away on all the officials regardless of the implications to the already harsh power difference between starting players and alphas.

Not in my mind to want to get the precious time of the devs or else other peole away for nothing.
But this is a discussion, and set in the discussion section.

I’m still in debugging mostly, and i agree completely that this has priority. We need all fix over features. But quality of life, and balance the different communities is also worth it over the long run, i imagine.
There are lot people playng in singleplayer, maybe not the most local community, that’s true. Less vocal than then never happy official community mostly, sorry for those exceptions. :wink:

But this would start an other bit unsafe conversation, and that’s not up in my mind nore, and not the purpose of this present tread. :smiley:

I’m not sure I understand everything in your post (I’m guessing English is not your native tongue), but I’m still not seeing where the OP has linked to this “discussion” they are referencing. This thread is literally the first time (since I’ve started visiting regularly) that I’ve seen anyone ask for this openly.

That’s part of the problem as I see it. From what I’ve seen, the devs don’t really customize the balance much for different communities. If they did, we would see some Officials with names turned on, some off; some with seasonal wipes, some permanent; some with offline raiding, some with online-only raiding, etc. Instead, all of the Official servers for a given game type all follow just a single ruleset, and I’ve seen them give no indication of changing that policy.


Completely agree with what you state, at first, yes, english isn’t my mother-language, and i’m playing the game in german, french and english.

Then yes, providing more different servers, with different rule-settings, and playstyle would greatly open the game for more different people. Unfortuntely i think this would also need more manpower, and a much bigger compagny.

That’s the reason i don’t play on official at all. I did it in the past for other games, but it’s no more my cup of tea. To much hassle, and troubles, not worth the time for me. But again, that’s a personal choice. I think options are still the way to go. You can never make everybody happy with the same stuff and rules.
I know, this all isn’t implemented, not ever in project or discussion, but let’s dream from time to time. Some dreams may lead to small steps, and who know’s, a bit better world for us all.


This would have had to happen early on. Too many people have invested time and resources into a server now. So if they changed the setting to customize a more varied type of Officials, then some would have to move off servers where they are level 60, and have established relationships because the settings aren’t what they prefer. That or all officials would be wiped, and effectively killing the officials population all together if they did that. That is why there are private servers out there, to allow people to move from officials if they want more moderation of what types of rules are followed.

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